Torin / image courtesy Streamline Model Management (1)
Daily Duo

Star high school quarterback Torin is now ready for the fashion game.

Armon / image courtesy Pulse Mgmt / Fusion Models (1)
Daily Duo

Armon is a self confessed hillbilly but definitely doesn’t look like it

Reed / image courtesy Heffner Management (4)
Daily Duo

Reed is ready!

Dane / image courtesy N International (1)
Daily Duo

Marine Biologist Dane is about to surface on the major markets.

Leah / image courtesy RE:Direct Models (2)
Daily Duo

Cincinnati sweetheart Leah is a natural.

William / image courtesy VNY (1)
Daily Duo

This bossa nova musician is anything but a one note samba.

Benjamin / VNY (1)
Model of the Week

A fan of Immortal Technique, Bob’s Burgers, and shoving pizza into his face, Benjamin Knapp, from Indianapolis, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Jeff / image courtesy VNY (2)
Daily Duo

This New Jersey native has been modelling for just a month.

Logan / image courtesy Heffner Management (1)
Daily Duo

Logan was scouted at a Pearl Jam concert.

Jordan / image courtesy Brodybookings (1)
Daily Duo

An American in Germany, Jordan represents the best of both worlds.

Liz / image courtesy Pulse Mgmt (2)
Daily Duo

This Minnesotan miss is ready for her moment.

Robbie / image courtesy Wilhelmina LA (1)
Daily Duo

Robbie was discovered while sitting in a massage chair at a Brookstone store.

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