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George / DNA (2)
Model of the Week

A lover of sloths, The Beach, and techno, George Elliott, 19, from London, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Christopher / image courtesy Chosen Atlanta (6)
Daily Duo

Christopher is a fashion novice – in fact, he didn’t really know that fashion designers existed until recently!

Filip / image courtesy M Management (2)
Daily Duo

With his intense killer glare, Filip has this upcoming season in his sights.

Santiago / image courtesy Montevideo Models (5)
Daily Duo

Santiago is off to Europe in September to begin his new jet setting life.

Bianca / image courtesy London MGT Group (1)
Daily Duo

Bianca’s look is ethereal with attitude.

Andreas / image courtesy Magali Gless Management (1)
Daily Duo

Professional golfer Andreas is ready to tee off.

Alexej / image courtesy Wiener Models (3)
Daily Duo

Alexej’s first ever job was walking for Versace in Milan.