image courtesy Trend Models
Daily Duo

Finance student Martin’s stocks are about to skyrocket.

Gia / One Management
Model of the Week

A lover of chilli peppers, vintage furniture, and Miyazaki Hayao movies, Gia Tang, from Taiwan, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Sergey / image courtesy Pure Model Management
Daily Duo

Sergey is a former handball champion.

Helen / image courtesy Ultra Models
Daily Duo

Siberian sweetheart Helen is all long lines and mesmeric eyes.

Sigurd / image courtesy TUNE Model Management
Daily Duo

This Deutsch dude can do it all.

Anabel / image courtesy Trend Models (10)
Daily Duo

Anabel is fresh from the Balenciaga show.

Nick / image courtesy Milk Management (1)
Daily Duo

Londoner Nick was discovered in a pub.

Jaime / image courtesy Trend Models (3)
Daily Duo

Jaime is ready to start a youthquake.

Nina / image courtesy Louisa Models (1)
Daily Duo

Nina is fawn-like but still fierce.

Twan / image courtesy 77 Models (3)
Daily Duo

Twan just may be the man this upcoming show season.

Caroline / image courtesy 2pm (1)
Daily Duo

Caroline’s future is looking sweet.

Oliwia / image courtesy Vox Models (1)
Daily Duo

Oliwia was discovered on a Polish modelling portal.

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