Sigurd / image courtesy TUNE Model Management
Daily Duo

This Deutsch dude can do it all.

Anabel / image courtesy Trend Models (10)
Daily Duo

Anabel is fresh from the Balenciaga show.

Nick / image courtesy Milk Management (1)
Daily Duo

Londoner Nick was discovered in a pub.

Jaime / image courtesy Trend Models (3)
Daily Duo

Jaime is ready to start a youthquake.

Nina / image courtesy Louisa Models (1)
Daily Duo

Nina is fawn-like but still fierce.

Twan / image courtesy 77 Models (3)
Daily Duo

Twan just may be the man this upcoming show season.

Caroline / image courtesy 2pm (1)
Daily Duo

Caroline’s future is looking sweet.

Oliwia / image courtesy Vox Models (1)
Daily Duo

Oliwia was discovered on a Polish modelling portal.

Sebastian / image courtesy Hunter Models (1)
Daily Duo

Sebastian is simply super cool.

Stephania / image courtesy Trend Models (1)
Daily Duo

Originally from Luxembourg, untamed beauty Stephania was scouted at a party in Barcelona.

Larissa / SPIN Model Management (7)
Model of the Week

Into cats, Jean Luc Godard movies, and Christmas kitsch, Larissa Müller, 19, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Guoda / image courtesy D-Max (3)
Daily Duo

Guoda is another girl scouted on the world wide web.

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