polaroid courtesy The Diary Management
Daily Duo

Cam is a little bit couture, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.

Julia / Model Management
Model of the Week

Julia Leieneweber, 19, from Cologne, loves Valentino, Calvin Harris, and Minka the cat. She’s the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Helene / image courtesy Le Management (2)
Daily Duo

We see no faults in Helene’s stars!

Constanze / image courtesy PMA (4)
Daily Duo

Constanze is undeniably pretty!

Julia / image courtesy Nface Management (2)
Daily Duo

With a look that is a perfect mixture of both soft and serious, Julia is one fascinating find.

Stefany / image courtesy JOY Brazil. (1)
Daily Duo

Brazilian babe Stefany is a little bit rock n roll.

Irma / image courtesy Iconic (5)
Daily Duo

Irma is winning fans with her cute, quirky features.

Masha / image courtesy Folio Montreal (17)
Daily Duo

From pure and innocent to absolute vamp, this is a girl with an extremely versatile range and appeal.

Alex / image courtesy Fayme Models (1)
Daily Duo

Canuck cutie Alex is now ready to take her career to the next level.

Emily / image courtesy 1st Option (1)
Daily Duo

Emily is another Dane on top of her game.

Jamily / image courtesy Kee Mod (1)
Daily Duo

Understated, tomboyish, and bookish Brazilian beauty Jamily will make her debut on the catwalks of Milan today.

Feruza / image courtesy Forward Models (1)
Daily Duo

Feruza is ferocious!

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