IMG Paris

Sofie / image courtesy AMAX (1)
Daily Duo

Sofie is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Vlada / image courtesy TANN Model management (1)
Daily Duo

Bittersweet beauty Vlada walked for Saint Laurent this season.

Emmy / Stockholmsgruppen (7)
Model of the Week

Into soccer, Dexter, and music she can dance to, Emmy Rappe, 19, from Sweden, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Jula / image courtesy Brodybookings (11)
Daily Duo

Stuttgart stunner Jula is set on the path to success!

Klaudia / image courtesy Wonder Models (1)
Daily Duo

This ethereal redhead is certainly worth waiting for.

Zita / image courtesy VM Model (4)
Daily Duo

Zita was discovered in a Bershka store at the beginning of the year.

Maya / image courtesy Names Management (1)
Daily Duo

Maya leaves a lasting impression.

Lia / image courtesy TANN Model Management (7)
Daily Duo

Lia’s low key, soulful beauty is captivating.

Daily Duo

Girl of the world Rachel is Canadian/American but grew up in China.

Kasia / image courtesy IZAIO (8)
Daily Duo

Polish new girl Kasia is hypnotically unusual.

Jayne / image courtesy Boss Models Cape Town (1)
Daily Duo

This former wallflower is now ready to take the spotlight.

Kiana / image courtesy Ice Model Management (1)
Daily Duo

Kiana is currently spending her summer break in Paris working on her portfolio.

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