courtesy VIVA Models
Daily Duo

In true Berliner style, Michael is hip, intelligent and intensely handsome.

courtesy M Management
Daily Duo

Classically beautiful Viktoria has upped the ante

image courtesy Nevs
Daily Duo

Elite athlete JJ is ready to hit the heights of fashion.

image courtesy Mad Models
Daily Duo

This former rollerskating champion has turned her determination to win from the rink to the runway.

image courtesy Ètage
Daily Duo

Pia’s got that Prada power.

image courtesy 3mmodels
Daily Duo

Alexandru loves Steve Jobs and pizza.

Mason / Premier
Model of the Week

Mason, 19, from Nottingham, England, loves grime, taekwondo, and his Nintendo 3DS. He’s the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

image courtesy Étage Management
Daily Duo

Discovered January 1st, Mareike was on the Paris catwalks soon after.

Sebastian / image courtesy SP-Models
Daily Duo

Sebastian has a wraith-like androgyny.

Isabell / image courtesy Étage Management
Daily Duo

Classic yet quirky style like Isabell’s has perennial appeal.

Simon / image courtesy Exit Model Management
Daily Duo

It’s impossible to overlook this boy with the brows.

Ines / image courtesy F_UNIQUE
Daily Duo

Ines is guaranteed to keep it interesting.

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