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image courtesy 62 Models
Daily Duo

This is a girl who is on the verge of a major breakthrough.

Sam / image courtesy Ice Models (3)
Daily Duo

Model/law student Sam is aiming for world domination.

Spencer / image courtesy Echo Models (3)
Daily Duo

Spencer’s talents are not just limited to his handsomely photogenic look; this kid rides the unicycle and speaks Japanese fluently.

Rui / image courtesy Chic Management (5)
Model of the Week

A fan of surfing, Jackie Chan, and vacuuming for his mum, Ruanui Dalton, 17, from Australia’s Sunshine Coast, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Daily Duo

A former national boxing and rugby representative, injury sent Zach into a modelling career.

Daily Duo

Angelic and androgynous, Cooper is more of a muse than typical male model.

Daily Duo

Derek Zoolander once pondered about how many Aboriginals were models – we’re happy to say that Jake is here to fill the void!