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Model of the Week: Phil Moller


Phil Moller / Red NYC
Phil Moller / Red NYC
Phil Moller / Red NYC
Phil Moller / Red NYC
Phil Moller / Red NYC
Phil Moller / Red NYC
Phil Moller / Red NYC
Phil Moller / Red NYC

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Place of Origin:
New York

Ethnic Origin:
1/2 Swedish, 1/2 French


How discovered:
Strolling around downtown New York on my way to watch the World Cup… ran into George [Brown, from Red NY].

Favorite things:
I’m not exactly sure what the category of “things” entails. But I love watching hockey, I follow hockey more than anybody I know.

Favorite music, band:
I really dig Eminem’s new album, Justice, DeadMau5, all eurotechno

Playing lacrosse, frisbee and soccer.

Favorite piece of clothing:
Pair of H&M jeans that I got for $25

What’s your idea of fun?
My idea of fun varies, due to the fact that I go to boarding school. It usually pertains to playing lacrosse with some friends or going to the city on weekends.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Definitely when I got to work with Coco Rocha in an Elle shoot about a month ago. It was my first real shoot and everybody was incredibly kind and helpful. I learned a lot from it, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity they gave me.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Considering that I currently live in Millbrook, NY; it would probably be cow tipping.

Favorite artist (any kind):
For art it would probably be Renoir, music – Eminem

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
I’m not exactly sure, but I’m really liking the Yanks this season.

  • good look in editorial,
    please don’t hurt the cows…

  • Ivana

    Wow! Fantastic bone structure. There’s something in his eyes that’s really special. I have a really good feeling he will go far. A face like his you don’t see very often.

  • great FACE!!!

  • jake

    love his look, very expensive and feline. also great taste in music, gotta love a bit of deadmau5

  • brrad

    very very gorgeous eyes and bone structure is incredible in the polaroids! can’t wait to see more and yeh…he should go very far indeed!

  • harlow

    very handsome young man..
    not really digging the orange skin though

  • Erika

    gorgeous bone structure & lovely eyes…. slanted like a cat. I’m seeing upmarket editorials for sure!

  • His has a great portfolio and a bright future ahead, but the weirdly tanned skin might need some adjustment.

  • Victoria Andrukhnenko

    way too orange!
    beautiful eyes thou

  • Ashley

    Hockey is the last Gladiator sport. It’s fierce, fast and fun! I love it too!
    It is a combination of athlete and dance. Graceful and powerful. Absolutely love it. You can feel their passion for the sport.

    Good choice.

  • jake

    i dont see this ‘weird tan’ others seem to pick up on, to me it looks like a normal tan.

  • ryan

    I agree his tan is a normal tan haha he looks great lets hope he goes far.

  • Can I just say Burberry has found their new face?!! He’ll be the face of every runway show! I can bet on it!

  • Anne


  • Elizabeth

    !!OH my goodness! Those cheekbones are amazing! very handsome!

  • loren

    for some reason reminds me of johnny depp…maybe its the bone structure…but this boy is yummy :)

  • His fac ie so intense…

  • Clare

    i love his eyebrows

  • JoltOfDavid

    His eyebrows look a bit scarry. I’m sure he’ll get some help, though.

  • Clara

    DUDE… he should have played Edward in Twilight! haha, even though I’m not that into the series, I feel like he would have been better for the role.

  • hm… this boy is pretty! the shoot with coco should be shown…

  • Janos Gyorke

    Kid has great features, and great taste in muzik too. Ultra Music Fest, Miami!!! :)

  • HH

    Super nice!!Great face great taste.
    I see a normal tan. =D

  • Miss Elite

    i dont understand why “fashion world” wanna young kids..He is great but modeling will kill him…

  • Definitely has the editorial look! Needs to clear up the skin a little before we would represent.



  • A Sceptic

    Wow the most beautiful guy ever on MOTW seriously he is AMAZING!!!!
    What a great mix French-Swedish! Best of luck for Phil, not that he need it he will be BIG!!! :))

  • marky

    WOW. what a great looking guy. amazing eyes
    clear up his skin? i think i see half a pimple…

  • Def a editorial guy. Look at that jaw!

  • wendy

    the eyes shape are beautiful

  • michelle

    dayummm! he is so fine and sexy.
    those eyebrows…

  • Alex Caruso

    I want his babies

  • Gerji

    Weirdly shaped nose and his lips aren’t perfect. But good symmetry.

  • anen

    i love those crazy cat eyes his tan skin makes his eye-color Pop <3

  • Olga

    Yuk, I hate The Yankees! But what a gorgeous face.

  • hadrian

    He’s exceptionally looking but he doesn’t seem to hold neither a charming or anthrophilic countenance.

  • he need brown eyes!!

  • Silvana

    he’s gorgeous! and he goes to me school, it feels like theres a hot famous person in the same hallway as me! his eyebrows and bone structure is amazing! hottest guy in school! FUNNY THING IS… FOR SCHOOL PICTURE THEY SAID “SMILE” AND HE RESPONDED “I DON’T SMILE” HAHAH <3

  • josy


  • estou ecantado com esse menino ele é lindo sou homem mais tenho que tira o meu chapeu para esse garoto success

  • The music in that clip fits him perfectly! He has a depth to his face; a beautiful bone structure but also piercing eyes and the way he moves is predator like… a really stunning model. I wish him all the best because dayum he is hawt.

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