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Daily Duo: Bogdan



Discovered by Tibi Clenci when Bogdan visited his photo studio, this Romanian/Greek boy booked his first job shortly after – an editorial for a top Italian magazine with an incredible photographer. A great start for any new model, and Bogdan capitalised on his success by signing with Red NY, Success Paris and d’men in Milan. Growing up, Bogdan was often mistaken for Macauley Culkin, supplementing his allowance by signing autographs for screaming fans. Fortunately his cuteness factor has developed into a strongly masculine beauty and budding editorial and catwalk presence.


Full Name:
Bogdan Tudor

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Bucharest, Romania

Date of Birth:
February 13


Mother Agency:
Allure Management

Red Model Management

Success Models

d’management group

VIVA Models Berlin

  • Macauley Culkin might still be working if he looked liked this guy. Gorgeous.:)

  • guilherme

    he should have a better posture but
    i really like his face, his body, his teeeth arent ok but they go well, and i ADORE his name hahaha

  • отлично выглядит парень!

  • Very handsome, love that his portfolio is so well mixed and shows real personality! Just a little more time in the gym and this kid will be unstoppable!


    This kid is great. Is it just me, or does he totally remind you of Jonathan Rhys Meyers…those fricking killer eyes!

  • Nex

    great blue eyes. many women will be killed becoz of him, hahaha! he’ll be a next top model. ^^

  • L

    His name means “god given” really suits him :P

  • A

    His brooding scowl is sexy.

  • This is what I’m searching for.. Great job Bogdan.. :)

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