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Daily Duo: Egor Z.

Egor Zakiryaev / Select Deluxe



Egor has a mature beauty way beyond his years. This 16 year old was recently signed by Select Deluxe Model Management in Russia when he accompanied a friend to a casting, and plans are already being made for a trip to NY, where he’s placed with VNY. With his darkly romantic looks and a nonchalant air that’s spot on, this boy has potential to spare!


Full Name:
Egor Zakiryaev

185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
St Petersburg, Russia

Date of Birth:
February 7 1994


Mother Agency
Select Deluxe Model Management

VNY Model Management

  • rocky

    really good look, he has that look where he can look go in anything
    hope things work out for him god bless !

  • justin

    This guy need a development

  • KS


  • Yulun

    he’s beautiful! i can’t really believe he’s just 16 xP


    i love his look on the photos interesting beautiful ,but on polaroids …????and his age 16 ????

  • Erika

    Absolute gorgeous perfection……. a star has arrived

  • laila

    16?! He looks like he’s 21 or something, but he is a stunner, wow! Reminds me a bit of Jacques Naude for some reason.

  • luke

    me too! i can’t believe he’s just 16!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but i love his look

  • like his shots

  • Lola

    he is the most handsome guy I have ever seen! <3<3<3<3<3<3

  • He is the most handsome guy I have ever seen! <3<3<3<3

  • fsdaf

    Looks just like Max Barreau but with a wider face.

  • oona

    What the heck!!??? He’s 16?? he looks like he’s at least 23 years old! But anyway, he is so gorgeous! LOVE him<3

  • Elvira

    “This is my nephew and I believe in him, that he will succeed!”

  • Roberta

    i’m in love

  • ROJA


  • Lala

    He’s fresh looking

  • Anastasiya

    good bone structure. promising career. cant wait to see him on some runway.

  • Abby

    Definitely one of the more interesting faces I’ve seen for a while. And he’s exactly one day older than me too, which is neat… ^^

  • like them big lips on models!

  • A

    Female Penelope Cruz?

  • Serafima

    Amazing face!

  • Anna

    VERY NICE)))))))

  • ele

    looks so much older!like him and his face

  • jenna

    this guy is going to be a superstar!

  • Clare

    Hes beautiful. Looks a LOT like Vladimir Ivanov.

  • Johanne

    He’s Beautiful !hes not looks for 16!!!;DD
    Love him! :)

  • Puh

    i know him in reality
    good guy

  • Mitya


  • chris

    not typical appearance, madly

  • LOVE

    I know he’s russian, but I can just see him in cuba dancing a little street salsa or rumba, shirtless, on a summer day. I’ll do dirty dancing havana nights with him any day ;)

  • Artouro

    interestin`, memorable and catchy look :) and actually he looks smart and clever – I like it…and perhaps he is…? ^)

  • HH

    WOW why the hell would I miss this one??
    Brooding.Romantic.Dark.Vampiric.Bad boy look.

  • casey

    Male version of panelope kruz <3

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