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Daily Duo: Luca


Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow
Luca / image courtesy 2morrow


Pronounced Luzza, this strawberry blonde Hungarian new girl is a winner. Signed to 2morrow in Milan, Luca is already tearing it up in the Italian market, having shot a surprising number of editorials for a girl so early in her modeling career. Luca’s beautiful skin, fab coloured hair and sea green eyes make her a standout. Now balancing her time between schoolwork and the fashion world, this is a girl possible of having some major model moments.


Full Name:
Luca Noemi Horvath

Strawberry Blonde
178cm / 5′10″
84 cm / 33″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
July 1


Mother Agency:
2morrow model

  • Wow, this girl is stunning. There is a certain Moss feeling about her…

  • I like this girl a lot a lot!

  • aaaa

    she doesn’t look like a 5 ft 10, she looks like 5 ft 9. overall she is gorgeous!

  • sibille

    one of the most amazing new faces i’ve seen so far.

  • Liz


  • What I like about her is the fact she can express at the same time such an “easy” (as: reliable, not super-unique but certainly captivating) / adorable beauty, and be interesting and a fine “interpreter” as well.
    PS I love her strawberry blonde hair…

  • stace

    Wow, I’m impressed. Such porcelain skin.
    I say she reminds me of Kirsi for some reason, and that’s a compliment.

  • Sebastien

    Absolutely stunning. Especially in the first picture

  • Jess

    i love that she is not super skinny, just in the right spot.


  • gorgeous

  • Luca is amazing! What a great new face with an incredible look in every way…she has massive potential.

  • lovely model! great hair, eyes and body! I hope to see her do well :)

  • Great model love the pics

  • franck

    Magnifique Luca…Continue ainsi, ma belle, je te félicite…Bisous…
    J’espere te revoir un jour bientot a Bp…

  • Yasmin

    ooohhh, she is such a STUNNER!!!! *-*
    Boy, she is going to do well, I can see it already!
    This girl is one of the most promising new faces I have seen in a looong time! =)

  • zohey

    oh I know her she is my sisters friend. she’s so nice ^.^

  • Gabriel

    Stunning! More Luca !!

  • NEX

    Gosh! I love the hair, the face and the body. just love her from head to toe. she’ll be a great model, indeed.

  • Nicole

    Love her hair! She looks much better in the shots with less makeup/Photoshop.

  • whatever

    More and more Hungarians! Love to see them coming up, they are great people from a charming country.

  • hammy

    Just BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  • khan

    She is gorgious..

  • so her.

  • HH

    Her lips is exceptionally beautiful…I wish Luzza the best!!

  • Andreas

    I always sthought that she was German since from what I know izaio-models is her mother agency

  • Isabella

    Oh my god I see so many people saying she is awesome!!! I knew her she was my friend we were in the same class :DDD

  • Sophie

    She is amazing! :)

  • kic

    woohoo same birthday :-)

  • johny B

    e’clat model (Hungary) is her mother agency! (In Germany, represented by Izaio – by arrangement e’clat-Izaio) 2morrow is not her agency…

  • Blanche


    when I saw her picture on polyvore, I thought it was the young Kate Moss. She’s beautiful and I wish her all the best for her career. Hope to see many pictures of her.

    Kind regards,

  • Sara

    she’s not like soooooo skinny, she’s curvy and I like that… she’s gorgeous..

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