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Paula, from Riga, applied to 2b Models online and was signed immediately. So far, Paula has strutted her stuff at Riga Fashion Week, but this youngster has a whole heap of potential. Her cuteness is captivating now, but with further development Paula will grow into a very interesting beauty! Currently obsessed with Kate, Wills and the British monarchy, Paula has her own “princess power” ready to shine through.


Full Name:
Paula Simkuse

Dark Blonde
177cm / 5′9.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
59 cm / 23″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Riga, Latvia

Date of Birth:
December 21


Mother Agency:
2B Model Agency

Bon Image Corp.

  • wow!lovely model!

  • Alaison

    Not a fan of Paula, unfortunately. She’s definitely cute, but she looks like any other “cute” girl that you might find in a high school chemistry or history class. Just the girl next door.

  • Lucia

    wow, she´s amazing… love her face, body, expressions..

  • Robert Ocasio

    Engaging! Lovely bone structure and beautiful eyes.
    Absolutely Gorgeous!
    Best of luck to her.

  • Gilly

    Really like this girl. Combo of Kirsi and Natalia V.
    Obviously she’s quite young, but those eyes are so endearing!

  • She is lovely on her testshoot, I like especially those BW, but her polas didn’t amaze me..

  • She is lovely on her testshoot, I like especially those BW, but her polas didn’t amaze me..

  • She’s pretty. She doesn’t seem very unique, though. Her eyes and lips have a nice shape, maybe her features will become more exaggerated with time.

  • christy

    shes realy cut

  • Yasmin

    Really cute young face, maybe a bit too average, but still very lovely!
    she reminded me instantly of Kirsi P., though she doesn’t look very much like her…

  • regarding the other comments here, yes Paula does look just like the ‘girl next door,’ if the girl next door is a one of a kind top fashion model…really, most people that criticize, condemn and complain are usually just bored or miserable… as a model and talent manager who has interviewed literally thousands of girls from around the world in person, Paula is far from average…she is has a very unique, beautiful look that can go very far

  • Julien

    This girl is FANTASTIC! She’s a Runway girl! But she need new polas

  • i actually prefer her without makeup- she’s just naturally gorgeous.
    she looked a little dear-in-headlights in the b&ws but i think she’ll get more comfortable & do quite well.

  • lala

    I was going to write her off as a commercial looking model based on the first picture but looking through her portfolio, I admit, she has a great look.

  • Joe

    Yes, big wow.
    She looks quite young, though.

  • Lily

    I’m sorry but the pictures look really airbrushed.

  • karina

    polaroids show how she really looks…

  • Paula is lovely! Soooo skinny! :)

  • a bit boring, but beautiful.

  • jit

    I love u paula

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