Kate Bock


A Magazine (Italy)

Miss America
A Magazine (Italy) (Editorial)
published: May 2012
photographer: Stewart Shining

Elle Italia

Kate Bock by Michael Evanet
Elle Italia (Editorial)
published: February 2013
photographer: Michael Evanet

Galore Magazine

Kate Bock by Derek Kettela
Galore Magazine (Editorial)
published: April 2013
photographer: Derek Kettela

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated (Editorial)
published: February 2014
photographer: Yu Tsai

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Kate Bock rookie of the year 2013
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (Editorial)
published: March 2013
photographer: David Burton
Sports Illustrated 2013 Rookies
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (Editorial)
published: February 2013

Vogue Germany

Mystery Train: On the Orient Express
Vogue Germany (Editorial)
published: December 2008
photographer: Phil Poynter