Hildie Gifstad



7TH Man Magazine

Kisses and Make Up (also with models Koh...
7TH Man Magazine (Editorial)
season: Fall/Winter 2011
photographer: John-Paul Pietrus

Bon Magazine

A Trembling Flower
Bon Magazine (Editorial)
season: Fall/Winter 2010
photographer: Tom Allen

Bullett Magazine

The Dinner Party (also w/ model Dasha)
Bullett Magazine (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2011
photographer: Chadwick Tyler

Cake Magazine

We are all from outer space by John Ciam...
Cake Magazine (Editorial)
published: October 2013

Contributing Editor

Red Zone by Andrew Stinson
Contributing Editor (Editorial)
published: August 2010

Crash Magazine

Crash Magazine (Editorial)
season: Fall/Winter 2010
photographer: Stefan Zschernitz

Let Them Eat Cake Magazine

Let Them Eat Cake Magazine (Editorial)
published: March 2011
photographer: Amarpaul Kalirai

Own Magazine

American Girl
Own Magazine (Editorial)
published: December 2010

Schön Magazine

Amsterdam, Pennsylvania
Schön Magazine (Editorial)
published: June 2011
photographer: Anne Combaz

V Magazine

The New Age of Ford: New York Dolls
V Magazine (Editorial)
published: September 2010
photographer: Paul Rowland