Tyra Banks





Arise Magazine

Arise Magazine F/W 2012 Cover
Arise Magazine (Magazine Cover)
season: Fall/Winter 2012
photographer: Seiji Fujimori

Black Magazine

Black Magazine S/S 14 Covers
Black Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: June 2014
photographer: Thom Kerr

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly February 2008 Cover
Entertainment Weekly (Magazine Cover)
published: February 2008

Hamptons Magazine

Hamptons Magazine May 2009 Cover
Hamptons Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: May 2009

Harper's Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar September 2008 Cover By:...
Harper's Bazaar (Magazine Cover)
published: September 2008

Harper's Bazaar Malaysia

Harper's Bazaar January 2013 Cover
Harper's Bazaar Malaysia (Magazine Cover)
published: January 2013

Harper's Bazaar Singapore

Harper's Bazaar Singapore January 2013 C...
Harper's Bazaar Singapore (Magazine Cover)
published: January 2013
photographer: Gan (photographer)

I Love You Magazine

I Love You Winter 2011 Cover
I Love You Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: December 2011
photographer: Marcus Gaab

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive October 2009 Cover
Ocean Drive (Magazine Cover)
published: October 2009

The New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine May 2008 Cov...
The New York Times Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: May 2008