Sessilee Lopez

Ph: Steven Meisel | How to Dazzle



The Hunger Magazine

Block Party
The Hunger Magazine (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2013
photographer: Rankin

The New York Times Online

Are You Calling me Alaia?
The New York Times Online (Editorial)
published: July 2009
photographer: Alasdair McLellan

Trace Magazine

Trace Magazine (Editorial)
published: January 2010
photographer: Glynis Selina Arban


Full of Grace
Tush (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2010
photographer: Nagi Sakai

UnTitled Project

A Thousand and One Nights
UnTitled Project (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2012
photographer: Manolo Campion

V Magazine

Supreme Management Powerhouse
V Magazine (Editorial)
published: November 2011
photographer: Catherine Servel
Beauty 2010
V Magazine (Editorial)
published: July 2009
The Swimsuit Issue
V Magazine (Editorial)
published: May 2009
photographer: Mario Testino
Lady Lust
V Magazine (Editorial)
published: March 2009
photographer: Sebastian Faena
I Called Her Mahogany
V Magazine (Editorial)
published: October 2008