Masha Novoselova


American Vogue

Paris to the moon
American Vogue (Editorial)
published: March 2010
photographer: Philip Gay


Natural Woman
Amica (Editorial)
published: October 2013

Elle Norway

Rocka Romantikk by Asa Tallgard
Elle Norway (Editorial)
published: May 2014
photographer: Asa Tallgard

Elle UK

In Good Form
Elle UK (Editorial)
published: June 2010
photographer: David Slijper

Flair Germany

Unser neuer Businessplan
Flair Germany (Editorial)
published: April 2013
photographer: Takay

French Revue des Modes

Wild Chic
French Revue des Modes (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2013
photographer: Naomi Yang

Harper's Bazaar

The Season's Hottest Looks
Harper's Bazaar (Editorial)
published: May 2009
photographer: Anthony Ward
Red Hot
Harper's Bazaar (Editorial)
published: September 2008
photographer: Richard Burbridge

Harper's Bazaar UK

The heat is on
Harper's Bazaar UK (Editorial)
published: April 2009
photographer: Mari Sarai
Tell Me Everything
Harper's Bazaar UK (Editorial)
published: July 2008
photographer: Michelangelo di Battista