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A small sample from Crystal's portfolio

When a model scout told 18 year old Ford's Crystal Renn, that one day she could be in Vogue, little did he know that the Florida native would indeed rock the pages of American, Italian and French Vogue in her own uncompromising style. That model scout suggested that Crystal re-size her body in order to fit the editorial ideal but it is by staying true to her natural body type that made her a sensation. Tune in as Crystal talks to MDC about how she broke editorial barriers after transcending the eating disorder that almost derailed her career.

MDC: How did this all start Crystal Renn?
CR: I was 14 and I was scouted by an agency. I was really curvy. Didn't know anything about modeling. Couldn't care less, to be honest., at that point in my life. But the scout explained a little bit more about it. And something clicked. I thought maybe, this could be something for me. Then he goes "You have to lose like, 50 pounds"
MDC: How crazy! That was nearly 40% of an entire body weight.
CR: At the time I didn't know that. I had 43 inch hips and he said he wanted me to get to 33, so I thought, "Oh I can do that. I just have to eat healthy". He was talking about me getting into Vogue magazine. At the time I didn’t know the fashion magazines. So I picked up Vogue . Thought it was amazing and that this was exactly where I wanted to be and dropped the weight