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This girl who came of nowhere to do everything is indeed the stealth sensation of the Spring/Summer 02 season and with campaigns for Gucci and Hugo set to break in the next two months, it was high time MDC caught up with the girl most likely to go massive.

I apologize for having you up at this indecent time of the morning. Coffee?
I 'd love to but can't eat any foods with color. They bleached my teeth. I just came from the dentist. Can't smoke. No coffee or tea for 2 days. Glamorous, right?
Beauty has its price (lol) Describe the big discovery of Louise Pedersen
I was scouted in Denmark on the train. There was another model on that train and by the time we reached the Central Station, the boss of this agency was there to see me. I started laughing at them. I said "no" to start with actually.
I take it you had no plan to model at that time.
Exactly I was on my way to Norway...on my way to work... I was working as a waitress at my boyfriend's parents' hotel...So when I got back to Copenhagen I went up to see the agency people. Just to say hi.
And they flipped out in bliss...
And me not being used to this world at all and the double kissing and the "Oh honey you're gorgeous". I'm like Oohh...K.. It took me a while to leave my ties behind in Denmark and start traveling.
How do you explain the buzz you generated in your very first season
I don't know. You tell me. (lol) Mario Testino had a lot to do with this I'd say. I saw him here in NY just before I left for Milan so I think he liked me because he was kind of spreading the word. I'd go to castings and people would casually go..."Ohhh you're the girl Mario was talking about.!"
Next thing you know you're opening Prada. Did you know you'd be first exit at the fittings?
I found out, literally, five minutes before the show. In fact it was another model who I had met at a previous show who told me I was opening Prada. It came as a shock. I told her she must have had me mistaken for another Louise (lol)
Any dirty looks from the veterans?...