When Claudelle Perault swept down Marc Jacob's Fall 2000 runway in his too proper 60's socialite ensembles she looked like a figment of a very imaginative illustrator's fantasy.  
by Wayne Sterling
Photos: Kelly Ryerson
Videos: Digital Runway

She was the sum total of a baby face, sleek pulled back hair and an impossible body. Stilt legs, the long slender torso and an elegant neck that was like a line drawing come to life. The effect was awesome. Rocking that signature Lolita Cool she glowed with such a milk fed innocence, you began to understand why Jacobs needed to cast girls with that "finishing school" aura to give his very serious clothes some light. When Claudelle floated out to close the show in a beautiful organza and tulle dress with matching stole, the feeling was pure and young and very very sweet.

Photo: Kelly Ryerson - Styling: Wayne Sterling

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