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LA's finest Martinique walks the national colors of Jamaica.

A sponsor poster in all its colorful glory

Ex-Gucci queen Nadine Willis leading Fashion Television through the kick off party.

Vanessa, head makeup artist, applies the palette to Hilfiger campaign girl Jaunel

The weapons of war at the make-up table.

A maximum of color was the order of the day. (dress by SAS Urban Couture)

Mugi from Karin's NY surveys a cornucopia of shoes.

Male models to your stations!

Fusion's Note flashing a million dollar grin.

Surveying the model board.

Color and texture fearlessly profiled in Rhaj Paul's designs.

Nadine Willis's daughter, Tatjna shines in the spotlight.

An organza beauty backstage.

A male model surveys the mayhem.

Beauty in blue gears up for action

Vivienne Westwood would approve of Desreen Waller's taste

Setting tropical sun as beauty backdrop.

Camille McDonald (from last season's America's Next Top Model) in true Yardman Style.

Rishima from Pulse/Supreme is looking very Halston 70's with her new haircut.

Stylist Memsur and Lene from Major primp for the camera.

Sunna/Elite NY in a deep tropical blue

Camille gets her final touch-up before hitting the catwalk.

Male Model Convention.

Ab Fab!

Kingsley Cooper, Chairman of Pulse Entertainment with Jaunel and Rishima from Pulse/Kingston and Supreme/New York.

Special thanks to Christie Dinham (Tyler Media), Pulse Entertainment, Air Jamaica and the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica.


Caribbean Fashion Week Backstage
Spring/Summer 04

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