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Name: Ubah Agency: Click Model Mgmt. Age: 20 Height: 5'11" (180cm) Place of Origin: Somalia. Ethnic Origin: East African. Birthsign: Virgo. How discovered: A photographer approached me in Canada at the park. Favorite things: My Blackberry, laptop (Mac Pro). Favorite music, band: Anything I can shake my ass to!! Hobbies: Swimming, dancing and soccer. 5 things you always carry: Wallet, Blackberry, keys, toothbrush, bottle of water (smart). Favorite foods: New York bagels and cat food...oops I meant salmon. Movie you want to see next: "P.S. I Love You." Place you'd love to visit: Barcelona, Spain. Favorite animal: Giraffe. Currently you're obsessed with/about: Manhattan!!! I love this city!!!

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Photo: Regan Cameron for Allure

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