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Name: Steven Strait

Age: 16

Birthsign: Aries

Agency: Boss

Height: 6'2"

Place Of Origin: NYC (couple of blocks from the agency)

ethic heritage: Dutch and Italian

by my agent John at the gym

A Few Of Your Favorite Things Are:
writing songs, acting, boxing (I've competed a few times), basketball, karate, painting, playing music, singing,

musicians who don't write their own music, when people are too full of themselves, bad Chinese food.

Funny Story About Modeling:
I was shooting with Bruce Weber for
his book out in Montauk this past June. Thinking the water would be warm, being summer, I dove right in. It was FREEZING! My lips turned blue and getting out of the water was even colder. But Bruce's dogs warmed me up by licking me all over!

Favorite Thing About Modeling:
Portraying a character for the photographer. It's like acting but with still frames.

Favorite CD:
Led Zeppelin IV

Favorite Book:
Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger

Film: A Streetcar Named Desire with Marlon Brando

Ambition for the future:

if you could work with one actor who would it be? (ok, make it 2):
Marlon Brando and Paul Newman.

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