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Age: 19

Birthsign: Aries

Agency: Next

Height: 6'1.5"

Place Of Origin: Johannesburg, So. Africa

A Few Of Your Favorite Things Are:
1. Playing basketball
2. Music (Hip Hop: Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep)
3. Japanese food
4. Barcelona

1. Pretentious people
2. Hypocrisy
3. Baseball

Funny story about Modeling:
On a photo shoot in Tokyo, my friend (one of the other guy models) was caught kissing one of the girl models in the location van!

Favorite thing about Modeling:
There's no other job where I can be on my own at this age and have independence and fun at the same time. And it's a good life experience as well getting to interact with other people.

Favorite CD:
"Liquid Swords" by GZA

Favorite Book:
"The Sicilian" by Mario Puzo

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