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Philippa / Models 1

Name: Philippa Agency: Models 1 Age: 15 Height: 5'8" Place of Origin: Wiltshire, England (although I was born in Germany!). Ethnic Origin: 1/2 Canadian, 1/2 English. Birthsign: Gemini. How discovered: Sent pictures in! It's something I'd always wanted to do so I thought I'd see what happened! Favorite things: My Archos (an mp4 thingy), travelling, sitting on my roof, parties. Favorite music, band: A bit of everything really, stuff like: Sean Kingston, Kate Nash, The Kooks, The Dandy Warhols, Ok Go. Favorite designers: Christopher Kane, DSquared, Dior. Hobbies: Messing with Photoshop, sketching (especially portraits), cooking. Favorite foods: Mangos!! Also, most things with peanut butter, or chocolate...or both! Movie you want to see next: "Stardust" (looks like it might be interesting)? Or something really scary (I love scary movies!). Place you'd love to visit: Thailand. Something you want to do before you're 30: Have a HUGE party in a foreign country! Currently you're obsessed about: "Heroes!"

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