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Name: Marloes Horst Agency: Union Models London Age: 18 Height: 5'9" Place of Origin: Holland Ethnic Origin: 100% Dutch. Birthsign: Pisces. How discovered: I sent some snapshots to an agency and it's been nonstop since then. Favorite things: Sleeping, my best friend Tynke & I can't live without my mobile. Favorite model: Marilyn Monroe. Hobbies: Dancing,surfing and love hanging out with my friends. Favorite foods: Strawberries!! Favorite designer: Marc Jacobs and Commes des Garcons. Place you'd love to visit: I really want to go to Easter Island. Person you'd love to meet and why: Dakota Fanning, she's experienced so much already, I'd love to ask her if she still feels like a child or feels grown up already.

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