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Name: Kat

Age: 18

Birthsign: Gemini

Agency: NY Models

Height: 5'11"

Ethnic origin: Russian

Place of Origin: Moldova

Discovered: Metropolitan Paris came to my country and held a big country-wide casting.

A Few Of Your Favorite Things Are: Reading, shopping, going to the beach, visiting my family, making presents, having fun with friends.

Dislikes: impolite people, lack of respect between people, snobbish people.

Funny Story About Modeling:I did a fashion show in Barcelona last year and I was backstage when I saw this girl practicing this flip with the back of this dress. I tried to see if she needed any help. She was really nice about it but what I didn't realize at the time was that the girl I was offering to help was Fernanda Tavares. What was funny was
that I, a brand new model, was trying to offer advice to a big runway model.

Favorite Thing About Modeling: I like fashion shows, I like to express myself in the shows and in the photo shoots.

Book of the moment:Peter the Great by Tolstoy

favorite film: Meet the Parents with Ben Stiller

favorite cd: Britney Spears "Britney"

ambition: Photographer

What's the one quality that you want people to remember you for after you finish modeling? Kindness.

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