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Name: Jonathan Nee

Agency: Wilhelmina

Age: 18

Height: 6'2"

Place of origin: Apopka, Florida (USA), the indoor foliage capital of the world.

Ethnic origin: A European stew of English, Irish, Dutch, a little bit of Greek and a tiny bit of Cherokee Indian

Birthsign: Capricorn

How discovered:
A friend of my brother sent me to some agencies.

Favorite things:
Music (I play banjo, keyboard, mandolin, train whistle and slide whistle), reading, all scholarly pursuits, God (I'm a Christian).

Recommended books?
Right now, I'm reading Grapes of Wrath but my favorite Steinbeck novel is Cannery Row.

Tell us about your family:
There are 9 children (ranging from 5-26) but we are surprisingly close, we rarely argue and we all get along. We are all homeschooled by by mom.

When you were young what had you envisioned yourself doing?
Basketball player, baseball player, a doctor, a chemist, a scientist/inventor. Right now, getting my PHD in clinical psychology.

5 words to describe yourself:
Happy, loving, funny, mellow, totally-radical...

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