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Name: Jaymes Alan Triglone Agency: D1 Model Mgmt. Age: 23 Height: 6'0" Place of Origin: Australian. Ethnic Origin: Cornish/English/Irish/Scottish/Italian/French brown dog ozzy dingo - one for humanity. Birthsign: Gemini 1 and year of the Rat. How discovered: I was supported by peers and friends in Australia to start modeling among other careers and followed it searching for self improvement and breaks. (Also with Public Image in NYC). Favourite things: Well, if referring to toys - my surf boards, musical instruments, cooking utensils, computer for communications and tools passed down from my grandfather. That's my baggage. Favourite music, band: I'm always open to a range, but I do like cultural music, classical, country, blue grass and reggae-dub. Hobbies: Surfing and most individual aqua activities like sailing, riding horses and playing music. I have been involved in acting workshops and found them to be great and feel that is the most current hobby. Favorite foods: What's fresh and made with love. Italy is a great place to spend hours at the table eating and drinking as is Australia around the bush Teli "Fire" choo on a roo in Kakadoo. I love fresh fish in Indonesia and vegetarian in Japan. I won't complain if it's hot. What you can't live without: Amore, people that you have chosen to help and be helped by, the fresh air that I find away from the city, the deep ocean that washes my troubles away. Movie you want to see next: Well, I featured in an Australian film "Newcastle" that will screen at the Tribeca film festival a couple of weeks away. I have been yet to see a screening so I would say that the film is at the top of a long list of classics that I want to watch. Currently you're obsessed with: Yoga and slow breathing. Trying to stay grounded while I'm traveling around so much between work and away from home in the big smoke.

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