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Isaac / Nevs

Name: Isaac Carew Agency: Nevs Age: 23 Height: 6'2" (188cm) Place of Origin: London, England. Ethnic Origin: British. Birthsign: Aries. How discovered: Chased down Oxford street by a lovely young booker from Nevs. Favorite things: My bed, my music, my clothes and my family. Favorite music, band: Always MJ, Blink 182,the clash, Kings of Leon, David Bowie. Hobbies: Swimming in London fields when its not freezing, skatboarding, pubs 'n' clubs. Favorite piece of clothing: My new skinny jeans that aren't as skinny as I'm used to! Favorite artist (any kind): Noel Fielding 'the mighty boosh.' Place you'd love to visit: Been there when I was eight, but want to go again - India - it was amazing and they loved me as I was white blonde with blue green eyes! Currently you're obsessed with/about: Getting a new tattoo intergrated with my old one.

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