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Name: Greg Kheel Agency: Bleu Model Mgmt. Age: 22 Height: 6'2" Place of Origin: Pensacola, Florida (USA). Ethnic Origin: 1/2 Native American, 1/2 English. Birthsign: Aries. How discovered: Model Search America in Las Vegas. Favorite things: Nice clothes and fancy cars. Favorite music: I love all music, it soothes the soul. Anything from Sublime and Lil' Wayne to Enigma and Enya. Hobbies: Chilling out and relaxing, other than that living life in the fast lane. Favorite foods: Now that I am in Italy I have fallen in love with Italian food. Something you want to do before 30: Design my own house. Place you'd love to visit: The Greek Isles (next year). Currently you're obsessed with: Traveling and living out of a suitcase.

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