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Name: Danna

Agency: Marilyn


5'10 1/2"


Place of origin:
Utah, USA

Ethnic origin:
Scottish, Canadian, Dutch, English, American Indian

How discovered: After I won a dance competition, an agent came up to me.

Favorite activities: Dancing (ballet, ballroom, cheerleading, jazz, modern- really all kinds), horseback riding, swimming, camping, hanging out and roughing it.

What do you love about New York City? It's busy and there's many things to do. It's where I wanted to come my whole life. It's THE place if you want to model. Plus it has the Yankees :)

5 words you would use to describe yourself:
Easygoing, smart, athletic, independent, happy.

Name 5 things you LOVE....
Ice cream, waking up on the beach to the sunrise, turbulence on airplanes, winning free things, taking good pictures.

Any advice for aspiring models?
Make sure you have a good agency that's going to teach you about the industry. Know what you're getting yourself into and what your goals are. Realize it's not a short committment. Work as hard as you can.


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