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Name: Alina S Agency: Storm Model Mgmt. (London) Age: 16 Height: 5'10" Place of Origin: Penza, Russia. Ethnic Origin: Russian. Birthsign: Libra. How discovered: I was discovered in my home town by a model scout from Moscow. I then met an agent from Storm who brought me straight to London. Favorite things: Books, chocolate cake. Hobbies: I love to read, mainly detective stories and classic novels. Favorite food: Potatos and mushrooms. Favorite movie: "Titanic," but my favorite actor is Johnny Depp and Josh Hollaway (from "Lost") which is my favorite tv program. Favorite model: Kate Moss. Where I'd like to visit: I've only been to Moscow, London and anywhere new is exciting. I would love to visit New York sometime. I would love to do the shows there.

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