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Age: 18

Birthsign: Aries


Height: 6' 2"

Place Of Origin: Sugarland, Texas, USA

Ethnic Origin: German, French

Discovered: My girlfriend is a model and at this convention where she was being interviewed, I was scouted by Gaspard from Request.

A Few Of Your Favorite Things Are: Golfing (I was ranked nationally!), Tex-Mex food, skateboarding, relaxing, playing with my 4 year old sister, playing video games with my dad, working out.

Dislikes: Stuckup people, people who are too serious.

Funny Story About Modeling: Doing the Heatherette show. It was my first show and it was like a party. There were girls dancing on the runway and I got to skateboard down the runway.

Favorite Thing About Modeling: Skateboarding to castings with my friend Johnny who's also a model.

Favorite CD : TA's "Illy 5"

Favorite Book of the Moment: Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury

Favorite Film: Fight Club

Ambition for the future: To be an actor

Name some of your favorite actors and what's the first word that pops up in your head about them: Brad Pitt (sly), Woody Harrelson (pimp), James Dean (smooth), Nicholas Cage (badguy).

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