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1 Management is the newest agency in town, landing in the middle of an already crowded NY scene. In the six scant months that it has been in existence however, this company has hit like a tornado. It has taken its signature girls like Rie into a second season of success, while attracting a lot of bold faced girls like Colette and Liberty Ross even as its new face like Louise begins to fire overtime. In this installment of Agency Spotlight, 1 Management's Scott Lipps sits down with MDC to give the full story on his vision for the agency's future. What would you describe as 1's mission as a company?

Scott Lipps: The essential idea behind the agency is taking the full-scale management ideal to the next level. It's about taking girls into other arenas and not being content to simply stop at fashion and modeling. We have girls like Rie, who has gone on to do major motion pictures and then there is talent like Shakara who is now involved in the music industry and also has her own TV show in development. Tennaz had a show on VH-1 and is currently looking to launch a new televison venture centered around her personality. One of our new girls, Jamie is cutting a demo with her band and is interested in designing a clothing line. Our one male model, Travis is a burgeoning film director. There's a model like Liberty who is a celebrity in London, so the idea is to raise her American profile so it matches her stature in England. Now there will obviously be from time to time the girls who are interested strictly in being fashion models but if the girl has the potential or the desire to do more, whether this be landing a book, television or movie deal or say for that matter a music deal, whatever her ambition, 1 Management is here to help her develop that side of her abilities. The idea of that kind of management is not possible when you have two hundred girls on your board but it is possible when you keep it relatively small. That you can achieve with say, 25 to 30 girls.

MDC: That's a pretty ambitious gameplan, Scott. What's your Step 1 towards achieving all this?

SL: The game plan for year one is to basically just represent probably 15 to 20 girls at the most. These would be that handful of girls who we feel have the potential to be stars. In addition to their being exceptional models, we're also looking for something else going on in terms of their career potential, that will put them into another arena. I really think that when you give the clients the best quality of talent and keep that pool of talent small, they're really happy. They're not distracted by 45 girls being sent to them at random from your agency. It becomes really focused with each of your models bringing something unqiue to that casting or booking.

MDC: To achieve all this, you're going to need a very strong team of managers.

SL: It's a great team, and with the managers that I have here we are doing a good job exploring the global market that fashion has become today. I feel that we have a really good grasp on the European market. One of my agents, Steve is from London. He has a great body of contacts in the business as he has worked in the fashion industry for ten years. He has a really firm grasp on what is happening, what's great about the business, who the cool upcoming photographers are, who the people that understand where fashion is going in the next year are. When you have access to clients, in London, Paris, Milan and generally all over the globe, it really helps to manage the girls in that you can facilitate their contact with the decision makers of the industry. We have worked hard to build a set of really good client relations which I think is really important because the smaller you are the more focused your client relations can be.

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