Victoria’s Secret Show 2010

Posted by stephan | November 14th, 2010

Every year the extravaganza of Victoria’s Secret’s annual show happens without a hitch, but the pink tinged glamour and tanned supermodels are only half the story. Behind the scenes of the show is controlled chaos, with a skilled team of the industry’s best working overtime to make sure the VS fantasy comes across as effortless; photographer Daniella Rech takes us into the fray for a glimpse of the reality that makes the magic possible. Experience VS like never before, only in MDX.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010

Photos by Daniella Rech

Casting by John Pfeiffer
Hair by Sam McKnight
Makeup by Tom Pecheux
Stylist Sophia Neophitou

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010
Photos by Daniella Rech
Casting by John Pfeiffer
Hair by Sam McKnight
Makeup by Tom Pecheux
Stylist Sophia Neophitou

Photos in order of appearance:
Lily Donaldson
Edita Vilkeviciute + Magdalena Frackowiak
Izabel Goulart
Flavia de Oliveira
Candice Swanepoel
Gracie Carvalho + Martha Streck
Julia Stegner
Magdalena Frackowiak
Adriana Lima
Flavia de Oliveira
Katsia Zingarevich
Anja Rubik
Maryna Linchuk
Kannon Rajah (Associate Casting Director)
Lily Aldridge + Edita Vilkeviciute + Jessica Stam
Candice Swanepoel
Magdalena Frackowiak
Anja Rubik

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  1. Mikey S says:

    I would love to say (as a Photographer myself) well done to Daniella for the wonderful pictures. They made the behind the scene come alive for me. Thanks.

  2. Lauren says:

    So amazing! I love seeing all of the backstage moments. The girls look so beyond stunning, and the looks are killer this year.



  4. Mango says:

    Ah amazing!

  5. Ariel says:

    Maryna and Lily looks great!

  6. Karine says:

    Magdalena was absolutely wonderful-looking omg

  7. Mathew says:

    These pictures are amazing.

    THat one of Maryna: WOW! She is modelling like a champ without even knowing it. He walking around backstage is more fierce than the girls on the catwalk.

  8. Mathew says:

    and by He walking…I meant to say Her Walking. Sorry maryna. lol

  9. Peter G. says:

    Anja is about the width of a ruler!!!
    amazing shots

  10. PAXON says:

    details are insanely beautiful!!!!!….
    a spectacle that happens every year!!!!…
    Viva la VS!!!!

  11. Annie says:

    This show is so exciting, what with models like Lily Donaldson walking for it. :) Talk about class.

  12. Irene says:

    Annjaaaahhh! Gosh, I never had considered her as ‘sexy’ befrore O:

  13. doug says:

    i love martha streck ;)

  14. luana says:

    lily and anja the bests

  15. Matt says:

    Amazing Anja !

  16. mike cheng says:

    i love lily!!
    she looks great!!

  17. Rotex says:

    I cant wait to see the show!
    i luk forward to seein Adriana, Lias, Emmanuela, Flavia and Karolina the most!

  18. ChrisUK says:

    I can’t wait to see Adriana, Emanuela, Laís, Magdalena and Alessandra.

  19. AylinReckermann says:

    Wow! The outfits are amazing! I love the darker ones… So not what they had at last year’s show.


    Cool candids.

  21. Antonio Barros says:

    Amazing pictures!!! I would love to be there too!!! :)

  22. Danya says:

    I see some celulite x]

  23. Thomas says:

    As much as I disdain VS, I have to say these photos are really really beautiful. You guys should be so incredibly proud. :D

  24. ezequiel says:

    i love to magdalena frackowiak, is a beautiful creature…is my favorite top model…thanks god!

  25. GP says:

    I love those photos, so cute, so real and fun….

  26. zhangyu says:

    oh Lily,I love you!

  27. hellsbellas:@ says:

    On an up-beat note it’s great to see a few new faces in the show; Lily, Magdalena, Gracie and Katsia. And i’m SO SO SO happy that Stam is back! Along with Adriana, Karolina and Flavia, but seriously VS where are the AUSTRALIANS????? Miranda’s pregnant so that’s understandable, but where is Abbey Lee?? Was she or was she not the highlight of last years show? And Elyse Taylor was not re-booked why? Other GEORGIOUS Aussie’s who could have and should have been booked; Jessica Hart, Pania Rose, Skye Stracke and Sarah Stephens. ORRRRR (Drumroll pleaseeee) SHANINA SHAIK; part Saudi-Arabian, part Pakastani, part Lithuanian, part Irish Shanina is a MUST if VS wishes to redeem themself. Snap!

  28. hellsbellas:@ says:

    ^^^^^ But she’s Aussie!

  29. Leandro says:

    OH MY GOD! lol

  30. Elle says:

    waw! Lily looks so stunning

  31. Paula says:


  32. Tray says:

    I have one question? Where are all the black
    models? We shop at Victoria Secret as well. I would like to see more african american girls in your shows. Other than that I think the show is great.

  33. fashion addict says:

    There are some black models…as always same ones that “represents the norm black model” Chanel soon on …I think three or four ..but my question is where are African models who are not mixed and are straight from africa with there dark chocolate skin…which can pop the colourful exotic looks that VS shows every year…so disappointing that African girls are being shadowed out by mixed black girls with white/asian or mixed of different race.No offense to anyone who is mixed but that is what the industry is showing/choosing the must those days.

  34. Nádia says:

    Magdalena ROCKED it!!! <333

  35. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    There are some really nice shots here by Daniella. I wonder what camera she used? Its great resolution and depth of field. Some beautiful girls here.

    As for multi-ethnicity, as a talent manger for our own company, the last black girl I tried to book to see last week was over 30 minutes late (her excuse was it was too windy and her car might blow off the road – the wind by the way, would have been considered a light breeze in NYC), and so she missed out because I had another meeting and could wait no longer, so those of us in this business know, most of us love all ethnicity, but we have to work with what we can, and there are many factors that come in to play that those not in this business have no idea about.

    Try start your own international world famous fashion line even half as great as Victoria’s Secret, and see how easy it is to please every one! Its easy to sit on a website and criticize others, but until you try do it yourself, you have no idea.

  36. Nadia says:

    Woooooooow!!!!!amazing pics!!!Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the best show ever!!! sexy and very beautiful models in AMAZING outfits!!!!!!!!!!!! great!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Eduardo Rocha says:

    Boa noite a todos. Parabéns, pelo excelente trabalho. Victoria’s Secrets, GRANDE MARCA!!!

  38. duyuhenry says:

    niubi cool

  39. mj says:

    As garotas do Brasil arrasaram.
    Só faltou Gisele, que está cada vez mais linda!
    VS, sexy é pouco!

  40. Mimi says:

    Can’t get all the pictures to load :( But the ones that did are stunning.

  41. Doreen Wiedenfeld says:

    Love the shots! You captured the fun and excitement before the show. If you were in San Diego, I would love you to shoot the cover of my new magazine, SCULPTURE SD. Great work.

  42. drewstar says:

    bravo!!love them all!!

  43. Catherine says:

    I love the black & white shots, and how candid these are. It’s so interesting how photography can make a commercial show like Victoria’s secret look so haute couture. Gorgeous shots!

    – Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  44. *TpC* says:

    great pics… this is the kind of controlled chaos environment that could spoil a guy!
    VS – vs FoH… once upon a time Frederick’s of Hollywood was king of the hill, then Victoria came along with a Secret and became top kitty

  45. Mike Schwartz says:
  46. irem erdin says:

    i’d like to express my impressions about 2010 show.i watched it several times and sadly ,every year,it’s getting worse.because of wrong casting’this show anymore can not meet the fashion industry;there are lingerie and bikini models(girls who have curves’breasts’bottoms)and high-fshion models(really skinny girls with no curves)i understand’VS Represent all type of women but..girls like-chanel iman;anja rubik;maryna linchuk;magda frackowiak;costance jablonski;elena kuznetsova) etc.more high-fashion stuff.almost none of them has sexappeal,and they don’t know how to use their mimics and gestures.VS Needs girls more like selita;isabel;Ana b.emanuelle de paula.whoever hired those high fashion girls are really wrong.these girls make show looking boring than ever!

  47. irem erdin says:

    and..i’d like ti add..ana b.was in the casting’but was not choosen’which is very strange.and also hana soukopova..what is the point in choosing unsexy girls while there are girls like for example irina sheik’bar refaeli;bianca balti?

  48. masaki· says:

    Lily Donaldson is awesome!!!! Freshing!!!
    She is more angel than those old faces.

  49. sajjad says:

    i love sweet lily

  50. Cagdas D ! says:

    Yeah Irem Yes !! You are Right ! ahh V’s S so bored !

  51. Lucia says:

    i’m glad to see cellulite in that model´s ass

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