February 9th, 2012 Presents: Committed

Just in time for Fashion Week madness, Casey Brooks rounded up a circle of today’s coolest models outfitted in clinical fashion and set them loose on set to create “Commited”, her high energy fashion video set to the sounds of Santigold

A video by Casey Brooks for
Music by Santigold
Fashion Director: Raul Guerrero
Hair: Marco Testa
Make Up: Jen Myles
Editor: Nuno Xico
Director of Photography: Joel Hood

Kelly Mittendorf – Marilyn
Sebastian SauvĂ© – Soul Artists
Codie Young – DNA
Yuri Pleskun – Request
Isabella Melo – IMG
Miles McMillan – DNA
Luisa Bianchin – DNA
Ondria Hardin – Ford
Pascal Bonvie – Request
River Viiperi – Soul Artist
Karolina Waz – Ford
Wang Xiao – Wilhelmina
Eugeniy Sauchenka – Major
James Smith – Wilhelmina
Lowell Tautchin – Soul Artists
Marie Piovesan – Marilyn
Alexander Beck – DNA
Maja – NY Model
Ros Georgiou – Marilyn

Factory by Erik Hart
Kiberly Ovitz
Lars Andersson
Mandy Coon
Nicholas K
RAD by Rad Hourani
Raun LaRose
Richard Chai
Siki Im
Simon Spurr
Timo Weiland
Won Hundred
Zana Bayne

Photo Assistants:
Chris Pino
Floyd Johnson
Derek Johnson

Fashion Assistants:
Sarah Perillo
Nick Alvarez
Mike Harrison

Hair Assistant:
Joshua Rossignol

Make Up Assistant:
Dominique Farina

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