Jeff Bark’s Lucky 13

March 12th, 2014

Jeff Bark’s Lucky 13

After another season in Paris, the city that seems to bring the entire industry together for the collections, I have been reminded of the fierce competition that is ever present, despite sometimes existing discreetly between the lines. Hearing one camp critique another, and engaging in numerous conversations on the philosophy of fashion, creativity and the subject of new ideas, made me abruptly and once again aware of the great power that lies in having a unique and original perspective or process. While some household publications have been newly deemed luxurious catalogs, when untarnished points of view once stood as their mighty banners, we often see the latest creations interpreted in one of two ways: standard, and sometimes more elaborate, set build studio stories, or the pages shot on location in both the imaginative and lifestyle sorts.

It’s become a complete novelty, then, to find a seemingly new way of working, like in the complex and radical detail found in a Jeff Bark image. Many people who come across his work are, more often than not, under the impression that what they are seeing is something shot in a beautiful, albeit sometimes beautifully disturbing, part of the world that they’ve simply never seen before. In each blade of grass, in every delicate branch or crumpled leaf, lies part of the story to be told, and, yet, it isn’t any sort of location at all. Much to my own surprise, and that of anyone who eventually discovers the truth about his work, these are all studio stories, with entire worlds created within their walls. Even more impressive is the way these stories come about, and the brilliantly small team with whom he works to give life to the ideas constantly emerging from his genius mind. In this story, filmmaker Michael Casker follows photographer Jeff Bark and his assistant, Chris White, as they turn what was once fantasy into a magnificent reality for Another Magazine, exposing the process for all to see.

See the second behind the scenes film, an impromptu (and beautifully dressed) version of the Rorschach test, on the Another Magazine site.

Text by Christopher Michael

Photography Jeff Bark for Another Magazine
Styling Robbie Spencer
Hair Shingo Shibata
Make-up Lisa Houghton
Models Josephine Le Tutour, Marine Deleeuw, Nastya Sten, Natalie Westling at The Society
Casting Noah Shelley for AM Casting (New York: Streeters New York, Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles)
Set design Jeff Bark, Chris White
Photographic assistant Chris White
Styling assistant Victor Cordero
Hair assistant Takemitsu Kajihama

Video Michael Casker
Production Susan Gin

Photos and video courtesy of Jeff Bark for

Shot at Hudson Studios NYC









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