Paris Market Report: Breakthrough 2008

Posted by wayne | March 6th, 2008






MDX just got this booking update from Women Paris and we love that the email was designed with specially chosen fonts as well as witty little lead titles for each girl. See what a difference a little branding makes in presenting new girls! It’s a total keeper.

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  1. […] ‘The Brand New’ girl seems to have done even better than I originally thought in Paris. Here’s the rest of her catwalk appearances! Andrew Gn F/W 08.09: (catwalking) __________________ Kinga R. – Meghan C. – Lera S. – Amanda L. – Kori R. – Georgina S. – Dominika Z. – Thaysse R. – Natalia S. – Karmen P. – Jennifer M. – Jill B. […]

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