Made in Brazil #3

Posted by stephan | May 18th, 2011

They’re baaaaaaack! and Made in Brazil join forces yet again for a special preview of Made in Brazil magazine. Think you’ve seen it all? Think again! This edition is bigger and better than ever before, with even more eye-candy to enjoy. Prepare to overdose on washboard abs and come hither stares. All your favorite boys are here: Francisco, Marlon, Diego, Thiago, the list goes on and on.

If you’re not too busy drooling on your keyboard, leave us a comment telling us why you deserve to walk away with a copy of Made in Brazil. Five very lucky winners will be treated to their own copy!


Made in Brazil #3 presents an exclusive preview
of Made in Brazil Magazine #3

This video is also on YouTube at

Want to get your own copy of Made in Brazil Magazine #3?
Leave us a comment saying why you deserve a copy of the issue for a chance to win!
Made in Brazil will be giving 5 free issues to the best answers, just remember to put your email in the comment “email box” (not needed if you use the facebook comments)


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  1. Gerard says:

    I deserve a copy cause I don’t do drugs.
    The only drugs I consider highly addicting and most definitely good for your health would be beautiful people.
    Brazilians, are therefore, my kind of drug. So you’d rather have me some Brazilians than the bad stuff. Right?

    Oh and cause Brazilians will soon take over the world…So yeah.

    Much love, you guys are the best.

  2. Calvin. says:

    Is the few magazines which only feature male models. Female models dominate the fashion scene whilst the men are the background. I enjoy the fact that MADE IN BRAZIL is very playful and exciting :) Its like a i-D BUT BETTER.

  3. AX80 says:

    Because men are the new black and I’m a hardcore fashionista.

  4. Kenn says:

    Worth it for Marlon as Robin! Holy pubes Batman!

  5. Nick says:

    Although this may be difficult to convey in just this comment alone, I would say that the main reason I deserve a copy of Made In Brazil 3 is because I appreciate the marriage between sheer aesthetic beauty and talent in photography. The playful, quirky, artistic inclusion of clothes and fashion is simply an added bonus (and it’s done so well!). I remember André Leon Talley saying that aesthetics were very important to his life and I agree. It is difficult, however, to truly adopt this mantra living where I do (Birmingham, UK). Basically, I missed the last two issues, which was frustrating, so to finally own one to keep and cherish with all of my other fashion magazine memorabilia would mean a great deal to me.

  6. aline says:

    just because im brazilian and i love my brazil and my people…hot people

  7. mynameisdou says:

    Because I love to see brazilian boys naked and hot!

  8. maykel says:


  9. GP says:

    Love the batman & robin:) Where can I get this amazing mag in Australia?

  10. Luka-Joy says:

    I need a copy….because my jaw is on the flaw and I quite like it there!!! (please xx)

  11. Ruben zambrana says:

    I would love to win a copy of made in brazil, because I’m really starting to pursue my modeling career and with fashion magazines and etc. wil help me better my vision of future shoots and goals. I would really appreciate this.. Thanks!

  12. Daniel Yeo says:

    I never fall in love with Brazilian,

    Last year,a magazine really blow my mind!
    Once I thought it just another magazine.
    Very pain,very boring,very suck.
    Every page is just a page.

    My heartbeat went fast when I read it.
    Are you insane?
    Diego is so fucking hooooooot!!!!!
    Every model in the mag just make me need to take a cold shower!!!!!

    I can’t help to read it over and over.
    Now I have to put it beside my bed so I can sleep well.

    Beside Diego,how can we ignore Fransicco??!!
    Riot in my mind when I looked at his kissable lips!!!
    Arthur eyefucked me again and again.
    Zip of my pants can’t go up anymore!!!
    I’m not gonna buy it this time,cause
    Later I will win it from MDC!!!!!

    OH LA LA!!!


  13. sam says:

    cause this issue is “too hot for school”

  14. Charlotte Anne Pack says:

    Hes lush!!!love the clothes hes wearing, the scarf is my favorite! charlotte :)

  15. Marc says:

    Because i need one thing to remember the charm (people (boys)) of copacabana and ipanema beaches… Right now

  16. Confused says:




  17. Marvin Fuentes says:

    I deserve a copy because I fucking love Made in Brazil.

  18. Alisson Chornak says:

    WooowwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWW AMAZING!!!!
    Congratulations MADE IN BRAZIL <3

  19. ilovebrasil says:

    I deserve to get a copy because IloveBrasil!

    Greetings from Finland!

  20. JC says:

    Love every single photo here, very tastefully done.

  21. Gerard says:

    Because this is the closest I’ve got to an actual Brazilian model (and if I do get this, to actual Brazilian models). Amen.

    P.S. I think my first comment got deleted…For whatever reason. Anyway, still love you guys.

  22. JC says:

    I want a free copy of the magazine because I’m all the way from the Philippines! rocks!

  23. Christopher says:

    because i can ID most of these brazilians!

    rafael lazzini, diego fragoso, fernando sippel, jean carlos, marlon teixeira, max motta, lucas mascarini, mateus verdelho, andre ziehe, diego miguel, romulo pires, renato ferreira.

    i die!

    love mdc AND mib! :D

  24. Alan says:

    Because this is the best male issue in the world!

  25. JNG says:

    Though physcially I am not “made in Brazil”, emotionally I am! I have this Brazilian passion, wildness, hotness, sex running in my body!! I follow lots of stuff in Brazil especially the FASHION trend.

    And I SO admire the Brazilian models. They are the most gorgeous, amazing, finest artwork in the world. Sadly I do not live in Brazil but I really hope to keep a piece of Brazilian TREASURE in my house!


  26. Roberto says:

    I think I deserve to win one copy of it, because I’ve been studying insanely for college the representation of homosexuals by media and this magazine is certainly a unique example of homoerotic art.

  27. Denise says:

    PROUD TO BE BRAZILIAN! ♥ Very creative and enjoyable, you people from Made in Brazil are absolutely amazing. Didn’t have the chance to get Issues 1 and 2, now I deserve (and i want) a copy! (and I need to see all this tattoos closely, you know)

  28. ROB ORTIZ says:

    Because I love men and I cant think of a better way to live my life as a gay man then to have an amazing publication with gorgeous brazilian men throughout the pages. And I cant find this magazine in the US.

  29. Michael says:

    I deserve a copy, because it’s probably the only way I’ll ever have that many hot Brazillian men in my bedroom at one time.

  30. kiddo says:

    I have to own this magazine because I love brazilian boys and because I can’t get it here, the third world where I live. I NEED THIS!

  31. Andrian says:

    Brasil isnt just a place its a way of life.
    And it’s the kind of life that I want for myself and that’s why I should get a copy of this issue.

  32. ESkinny says:

    I need a copy…because I am envious of their bodies and need it to get thin

  33. Kikibay says:

    Final week is here, and I rather study Made in Brazil than philosophy. MIB is my philosophy.

  34. Colyn says:

    so manly!!


  35. ike says:

    made in brazil is the best is the best
    I deserve this magazine
    because i love male body~~~ha!

  36. TeeVanity says:

    Well like perfection yes!

  37. TeeVanity says:

    So I tried this with issue 1 & issue 2 – Am I gonna win issue 3? I should! Just saying, I love fashion, Brazilian Models & this need to be in my collection – oh yes I am on & made in brazil 24/7!

  38. Damarcus Ikard says:

    I should win because 1. I love fashion, 2. I love men and 3. I recently came out to my parents and i want to revel in the experience.

  39. olivia says:







  40. Fei says:

    I am always a religious person in Fashion/Models.COM. Looking at these Godsend Brazilian boys, I couldn’t help but wonder what heaven may look like….Can you do me a favour? Please.

  41. Gammel Fernandez says:

    Please please please…. Im begging you…. Having that magazine in my hands will definitely make my life have a meaning… I LOOOOVE Brazil, Im in super love with MIB shots, from the editorial, the amazing boys, the high quality on photography, EVERYTHING…. Im engaged with this magazine so bad.

    please please please…. make me happy, I promise I will treasure it … PLEEEEEEASE!!

  42. Gammel Fernandez says:

    Not to mention, having that magazine will make me be closer to my dreamboy Marlon… ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    You will make someone really happy :) so please guys, throw me abpne and I will jump… whatever it takes to win the mag

    > > > > > > > > > > I LOVE MADE IN BRAZIL < < < < < < < < < <

  43. amby says:


    Just release the magazine already!!!

    I’ll definetely moved to Brazil for sure…


  44. Ryan says:

    I deserve a copy of this because I feel that these photos show the perfect exapmple of how to show a male body without making it into porn. I have come to admire the Brazilian male body, personality, and charm and would love to have this on my coffee table for my friends to admire it as well.

  45. Ming.mll says:

    I have issue 1&2 at home. They are always and still the Best, Hottest, Most High-fashioned male magazine I have ever seen in my life! Apart from the magazine published in other countries, an obvious thing is different in MADE IN BRAZIL. Not only is it a Brazilian magazine but also you can see from the above, The Energy, The Happiness, The Style, that only expressed by the Brazilian Models. I think this one-of-a-kind magazine should give to some True Admirer of (Made in) Brazil like ME!

  46. Fannie S says:

    I wish I could catch the name of the second guy in the video………..O_O!

  47. daniel buzahr says:

    I deserve more than anyone else in the world a copy of Made in Brazil, first of all because I was made in brazil. Second of all I need a new book table and that leopard outfit is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m going to wear it in my civil gay union, now thats is allowed in Brazil, it would be wedding gift, love, dani

  48. Carrie D. says:

    Let’s cut to the trace. I am a HUUUUUGE Fan of Francisco and Marlon. For me, it is definitely love at first sight! Before I knew them, I used to fantasize about Britain. I wanted to go there since I had found that many British are beautiful. Also, I wanted to learn French and Spanish as they sound elegant and beautiful. However, when it was like last year or what, I knew Chico and Marlon, then I realized how charming Brazilians are! I saw the photoshoot that they’ve taken and watched their interview. Their look, accents, gesture, everything they do are so seducing that they completely changed my mind! Now my brain is stuffed with their great bodies, Portuguese, and most importantly, Brazil. I deserve the magazine because I really really really love Brazil and the gorgeous people there. And the Love for them is more than words can say! Te amo brasileira!

  49. RAU says:

    I deserve to get a copy because i supah dupah love brazilian models whore are also known for – Beach body who has licensed to thrill! Rawr!

  50. Mateo says:


  51. natasa says:

    every time when i see one ogf this boys i stop thinking and i just look at them for couple of hourse,ceause they are hottest man alive and i need to get this copy to see this beautiful mens in some magazine cause i can’t get to see them live.plssss give me a copyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  52. Charlie says:

    WOW. Don’t get guys like this in London :( Need to move to Brazil ASAP hahah. Thanks for these pictures.

  53. Matimus says:

    Does the guy on the bed have an erection?!

  54. David P says:

    Because it will give me yet another reason why I need to leave the cold north and move to Brazil!
    With guys like that walking the beaches everyday…who wouldn’t want to live there.

  55. Adan says:

    I believe I deserve a copy of Made in Brazil, because it would mean so much more to me then a chance to ogle hot Brazilian men (although that is a plus factor). I revere anyone willing to start a magazine with a strong and singular vision in this day and age of over-saturated media. Owning something that celebrates beauty, culture, and immense wit would make me the happiest darn person alive. Being a latino man this magazine allows me to hold me high with pride in knowing that the idea of beauty is not as singular as the fashion world allows it to be sometimes. Please Janelle, Stephan, Betty, and Wayne give me the chance to bring a little beauty of beauty into my world.

    love, adan.

  56. Paulo Figueiredo says:

    I deserve a copy because I am the most obsessed fan of the MIB website. I visit the blog religiously, and I am the guy who posts more often there, as “Lucius Vorenus”. I think it is wonderful that someone is trying to make male models as important as the female models. I think these magazines will become collectors’ items in the future. MIB is a mixture of Art, Sexyness and Masculinity. Everything that a man needs to be happy.

  57. Rafael says:




    LOVE IT.


  58. Rafael says:




  59. Onísio Barcelos Jpunior says:

    Papai do céu, por favor me ajude a ganhar esse super presente!? Pois vou adorar ter um deste exemplar da revista em minha casa! Eu vou cuidar dele com todo o carinho e amor, e também meus melhores amigos irão desfrutar de toda beleza por centimetro quadrado que a MADE IN BRAZIL MAGAZINE nos oferece!
    Obrigado pela oportunidade!
    Boa sorte à todos!!!

    Onísio Barcelos Júnior

    Father in heaven, please help me win this super gift!? Because I love having a copy of this magazine in my house! I’ll take care of it with all the affection and love, and also my best friends will enjoy the beauty of the square centimeters MADE IN BRAZIL MAGAZINE offers us!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Good luck to everyone!

    Onísio Barcelos Júnior

  60. Luka-Joy says:

    My Jaw is on the floor and I quite like it there. May I have a copy please xxx

  61. Caio Guimarães says:

    Tive queda de pressão…

  62. João Carlos Magagnin says:

    Because I was made in Brazil too!

  63. Thiago Tavares says:

    Revista sensual, bonita, provocante e incrível.
    Revista para ser vista, revista, lida e item para colecionar.

  64. Ihan de Abreu says:

    Realmente incrível! Espero poder ganhar uma para completar minha coleção. Já tenho a #1, #2.. e agora eu realmente preciso da #3!!!

  65. Ihan de Abreu says:

    Ah, meu email:

  66. Aléxia Balionis says:

    They look too hot in those pics! I need to have a copy!

  67. Aléxia Balionis says:

    Preciso muito ganhar essa revista!

  68. Eduardo Fornazzari says:

    OMG look at those mens, at those clothes! i work in fashion and i’m a huge fan..that’s why i deserve one copy!

  69. Aléxia Balionis says:

    I am a huge fan of this magazine! But I can’t find it anywhere! This is the only way I can get one! Please give me one!?

  70. Daniel Wierman says:


  71. Celso Dossi says:

    Now, I believe in God.

  72. Adrianjo says:

    Why i deserve one copy of the magazine?
    mmm i can say that i love brazillian models, but everybody says that, i think i deserve one copy just because i’m so curious about the way Brazil became an importan pillar in the fashion idustry, models/photographers/fashion designers and stylists of your country are making this industry more beautiful and interesting.
    Oh and also: i’ve never won anything in my life and i could die sooo happy if i won a copy of the magazine ;)
    pd: because i’m the biggest Chico stan lol

  73. Luiz Fernando says:

    Nuss, nóóóóóó, meu DEUSSSSSSSSSS, que que é issoooooooooo, PERFEITO.

  74. David A says:

    There once was a lad who was cute
    The boys all did say he’s a beaut
    Read Made in Brazil
    Desires Fulfilled
    The mag told him please do their shoot

  75. James says:

    I would love a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine, because Brazilian men are the most beautiful and exquisite creatures to ever grace the face of this planet, and tragically I’m stranded thousands of miles away from them in England. The magazine is also an amazing publication which helps to highlight the wonderful vibrancy, diversity, and creativity of fashion exuded from the great cosmopolitan nation of Brazil.

  76. José says:


  77. Sean says:

    Because I just got a Brazilian wax…

  78. Deej says:

    I deserve ALL FIVE copies, actually.

    Because now that I’ve seen this preview of yours, I need:

    ONE ISSUE to fan myself with, because I’m suddenly very, very, very warm…

    and A SECOND ISSUE to mop up all that drool you mentioned, that’s now made it’s way all the way to the floor…

    and A THIRD ISSUE to shield myself from the insane hotness that’s radiating from my computer monitor…

    and A FOURTH ISSUE to sweep up the little pieces of my head, which will explode to bits if I look at that those pictures of Marlon even just one more, teeny-tiny time…

    and lastly, A FIFTH ISSUE to, um, well…hide the raging boner I now have here at my desk at work.

    I understand if you can’t give me all five issues. But maybe if you can give me just one, I can multitask and make the best with it.

    Thanks for all the work and such great, amazing magazines!

  79. Double F says:

    I want a copy so bad……. reasons can not be described with words.. I love everything about this magazine. Is all so a sexy and beautiful.

  80. N_2 says:

    Because I fuckin survived through a Brazilian wax, with a part of my skin peeeled off — apparently my sensitive part was WAY sensitive (thank you). Never AGAIN.

    Oh and I still love Brazilian men.

  81. Leandro Santo says:

    Made in Brazil. Made for me.

  82. Sarah says:

    Wow! they are amazingly gorgeaous. God is a for sure artist. :)

  83. yang says:


    so I need it~

  84. Lucas Tamarossi says:

    OMG! Can’t wait! So hot.

  85. Stephen Conway says:

    Because It Would Sure Heat Up This West Coast Canadian City!

    AND It’s ALOT Cheaper Than Flying To BRAZIL!

  86. teversole says:

    I deserve a copy of the magazine because I would put it to good use for many hours :)

  87. Bj Melchor says:

    I deserve to win a copy because “I have so little else going on in my life.Kidding, well I deserve to win simply because i want to.

  88. jovi nong says: is my daily inspiring on the earth, like my Vc makes me happy and health all the way down to the next level Pro. thanks you guys rocked and love you all.
    btw . this subject awesome. wish i could have the copy, if thats possible.

  89. daniel says:

    i deserve a copy,because i know tha the body is an expression of art from God.

  90. G.Neto says:

    i love the Made in Brazil because I like Boys very much!!!

  91. ROY says:


  92. Sebastian says:

    Brazil is the FUTURE of fashion, but Brazilian fashion is not very accessible yet in small town USA. Please!

  93. jackie1983 says:

    Someone asked me why are we alive when our lives are filled with difficulties? I said I don’t know, but at least I know that doing things we love will make us happier and for me, fashion makes me happier when I am faced with problems in life.

  94. Iury Fredy says:

    Mereço porque sou fã e seguidor.
    Amo♥! Sem explicação!
    Sou Blogueiro, e consultor de venda/moda.
    Adoraria ter o exemplar!
    Vai fazer parte da minha coleção!

  95. Vince says:

    I deserve this issue because I FREAKIN love brazillian guys! I’ve followed Chico (Francisco) since he first came out. Let’s do this!

  96. Lekan T says:

    Ummm, the men. That’s my reason.

  97. Random says:

    Hey Betty, what is the kid’s name in the picture he is saluting and has a military style hat on? He’s also in the picture with his foot practically in his mouth.

  98. Tabby says:



  99. Luiz F. says:

    The magazine is stunning once again! I guess this one is the best of the all 3.

    Congratulations Juliano!

  100. ANONYMOUS says:

    Does anybody know the name of the Model who is Saluting? Thanks. :)

  101. Gio Carlos says:

    I deserve the MIB Magazine because besides I’m being a Brazilian I love the images you got. The models are hot and beautiful just like my country and the shots: amazing!!

  102. dough delizo says:

    I derserve to win because I have been a BIG fan of since I was 15. now I am 19. MOST IMPORTANTLY – I will never have the chance in the world to have one because I live in the Philippines – far from where brazilians are. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  103. trumancapote says:

    i don’t want a copy cos if i wanna see a naked body i d reacher look at porn lol

  104. CCFord says:

    I deserve a copy of Made in Brazil because I truly appreciate the amazing people and culture that comes from Brazil. My brother married an amazing Brazilian girl (who has been a great sister to me) and together they had the most beautiful half Jamaican/half Brazilian baby girl- and she is the light of my family! Also models have always been one of the main reasons why I became interested in fashion, and the Brazilians have always always always been my favorite. There is no one like Gisele (and there never will be), and Francisco Lachowski is certainly going to become an iconic male model for the Brazilians.

  105. Chaby says:

    I think I deserve this magazine because if I don’t get it, I will cry. I will then take a picture of me crying and mail it to MadeInBrazil everyday for the rest of my life.

  106. Peter says:

    I badly want the new MiB magazine because these men are my body role models… I will plaster all over my walls, so each time I don’t feel like waking up early for a workout, I will only need to gaze at these gorgeous bodies once to jump out of bed and go run straight to the gym for some sweatin’ and buildin’!

  107. P. Figueiredo says:

    I just wanted to thank the blogger J.C. for his dedication, artistic vision and goodwill in promoting our male models. Male models should be as famous and as highly-paid as the female ones. The MIB blog is a place where you can find beauty for free, every day of the week. How could I not get addicted to it?
    I hope the magazine project will continue and I am sure they will become collectors’ items in the future. It is an awesome work by awesome people. Thanks so much!

  108. Lisa says:

    i’d love a copy of Made In Brazil because i’m a big fan of cowboys, superheroes and handsome masked gentlemen.


  109. xN says:

    amazingly captivating, beautifully executed, wonderfully striking and admiringly brilliant… I can only hope I deserve

  110. Leandro Gonçalves de Almeida says:

    Entendo de moda,busco o frescor de novidade e com o Made in Brasil #3 e com esta nova oportunidade q vcs estao me dando deste ja agradeço q obterei o apice do q busco sobre moda,olha como entendo de moda!
    O Made in Brasil E UMA TATUAGEM Q A Mariana Weickert usa em seu corpo, costas perto biquine linda,
    Scynaider Moura casou-se com Garnero e ela ficou em empate com outra top no concurso da elitte models
    e o Romulo Pires de Brasilia ganhou junto com Elas O ELITE MODESLS.ele e de minha cidade e esta aqui no Made in Brasil,acima.


  111. Arthur B says:

    I deserve to win a copy because I love male models (and magazines), duh.

  112. Marcus Vinicius says:

    I want it
    because I’m brazilian and i need to save this boys with me 4ever!

  113. WowzaChild says:

    Oh man! I want! All of them!

  114. ryllmad says:

    iWant iDon’t iCare iDeserve because iLove Made In Brazil Magazine, period!!! :)

  115. Donovan says:

    I should be picked because I’ve had man crushes on both Marlon Teixeira and Renato Ferreira for a longtime. Plus, I love Brazlian culture and can’t wait to visit Rio to gawk at all the Brazilian hot men.

  116. Lester says:

    I deserve a copy because I’m poor, I love hot Brazilians and I want these pictures to hang up in my new apartment — hence why I am poor.

  117. Lena says:

    Whether or not I deserve a copy – thank you for posting these beautiful pics. I am inspired and really, REALLY want to go to Brazil now!! ;)

  118. Gilberto Scofield Jr. says:

    Porque eu sou jornalista e me interesso por toda a produção editorial e gráfica criativa, elaborada e bem produzida. Cruzes! A quem eu tô tentando enganar? kkkkkkkkk

  119. Rafael Alves says:

    ‘Cause just a brazilian guy knows how to enjoy Made In Brazil Magazine.

  120. Rafael Alves says:

    ‘Cause just a brazilian guy knows how to enjoy it!

  121. ohhhuhh says:
  122. Adrianne says:

    My friends and colleagues never seem to understand when I explain to them my reasons for living and working in Brasil and wanting so badly to return. Social enterprise, sustainable development, etc. is all lost on them. So I just need a copy of this (gorgeous, amazing) shoot to convince them all without words. Adorei!

  123. Rivly Breus says:

    I deserve a copy because the only place I could ever dream of vacationing, would be a male model’s pants. This is the closest I can get to my island getaway. :}

  124. Nicholas says:

    Feminism! We have forgotten since when it diffuses and embedded in our culture. Female have always been the focus in fashion industry. Think of the recent finale of America’s Next Top Model, there is no single reality show like the Next Top Male Model and opportunities in par with the female models. MIB is certainly a great publication that celebrates the greatness of what the male models can offer and prove that sexy is not the legacy of female models. I deserve a copy of MIB 3 because I always care about male models and what MIB did resonates that. Embrace Masculism!

  125. Jones says:

    “Beauty saves. Beauty heals. Beauty motivates. Beauty unites. Beauty returns us to our origins, and here lies the ultimate act of saving, of healing, of overcoming dualism. ” by Matthew Fox.

    I believe Made in Brazil is all about Beauty, The Beauty of Human Nature. It is a praise to God’s Perfect Creation. It reminds us what we have and what we should treasure! Seriously, I really want one!!

  126. lina jones says:

    i think ur guus look very hot

  127. John Woods says:

    I deserve a copy because I’m Hungry! And this magazine looks deliciously good. Come on, do what’s right and feed the hungry.

  128. MoRRiSseY says:

    Because Batman and Robin were my very first sexual fantasy when I was 6 years old!

  129. mr portman says:

    bye bye brazilian bikini angel! the new babes are arriving!

  130. mr portman says:

    oh, I deserve it ’cause I haven’t slept with a brazilian man yet!

  131. zephons says:

    Why I need a copy of this issue? OMG, there’s tons of reasons.

    First and foremost, I love Brazilian models. I love Chico(Francisco), Marlon, Max Motta, Evandro, Camiloto, Romulo, Thiago, Jesus… I can’t name them all, but I love them all, all the Brazilian models including the lovely female beauties — Gisele, Raquel, Isabeli, Alessandra, ABB, Trentini, … I can’t name them all, but I love them all too! 0.0

    Moreover, I am the most devout follower of Made in Brazil. I repeatedly review the 1st and the 2nd issue, and I am already overdosed. My life will not go on without the 3rd issue. This time the preview will not satisfy me any more, I need the copy to survive. Would u guys help save my life? All what u can do is to send me a copy. Plz~~ ToT

    Second, I am in freakin’ China. If I cannot have this issue this time, I will never never manage to have one in my entire life ‘cause here international fashion magazines are inaccessible. So plz, dearest MDC, give me this issue, I really really want this.

    Last but not least, I am a huge fan of I may well forget to have my lunch in a rush hour, but even in that situation I will never forget to check out To get a present from is my dream! I think I will pass out when I find out that I am one of the winners! OML…

    I can’t help chattering, but I love u all:

  132. ChrIS close says:

    Groovy…but a bit too sexual in my opinion…

  133. Kamil says:

    Brazilian are the best! I love boys like that! Nice, pretty on great photos. Amazing… please give me one of the issues… I’m from poland and we don’t have duch a beautifull guys here. let me watch tusk events on paper. please. buziaki

  134. Matthew Owyang says:

    I have been following MDC for the last few years obsessively (I even think it beats facebook in my most visited sites), continuing to educate myself on the modeling industry. Following the careers of some of the greats (Lara Stone, Freja Beha Erichsen, Sean O’Pry, Simon Nessman, and a few of the men featured in this and past issues of MIB), I have gained a great understanding of this world that I hope to one day play a part in. Though I am only 19 years old, I know that one day I will play a role in the fashion industry (ideally as an agent at a top agency – Ivan Bart is my hero). I feel I deserve a copy of MIB because the more physical fashion I can get my hands on the more educated I will be on this industry. It looks like MIB, in its three issues has played an integral role in setting a standard for male modeling. The amount of models hailing from the south of the border today reflects the trend in fashion toward a more ethnic and diverse look. More than for just looking at beautiful men, this magazine would help me progress forward.

  135. Claude Diuse says:

    For a long time now, I have considered myself a fashion enthusiast — trailing along being an aspiring (world-renowned) fashion photographer, designer, and (if it is not too much to ask) a model. Given all these desires, I’ve pretty much lived nearly half of each day of my life on the internet looking at the latest buzzes in the fashion industry and following fashion sites ( & MIB being two of those, of course) to ensure myself of not falling behind of the trends and constantly acquire motivation in order to sustain the dream.

    Where I come from, printed resources like VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, etc. are rarely found, and in the off chance of actually seeing one, they don’t come in cheap. I know the times have changed — information has gone virtually abundant — but I dare say the experience of getting one’s hands on these high fashion magazines is never the same as merely getting a glimpse of them on the internet. *I can still remember that euphoric experience I had when I found an open copy of VOGUE (April 2011) in a bookstore. The motivation was priceless!* And looking at these preview photos now, my gut is filled with joyful excitement and yet with the sad feeling of defeat in knowing that another edition of the magazine — within which are found inspiring photos of one of the most beautiful races in the world, the Brazilians (both male and female alike) — will only pass me by.

    That said, I’d be more than grateful and will consider myself indebted to MIB should I be granted a copy of the magazine. And who knows? I might be able to pay you back in the future by being one of the contributing individuals on one of the future editions of the magazine.

  136. Denny says:

    I just love the concept and the way the work was portrayed. Absolutely beautiful. The models made this come alive. …… really nice work…. way to go.

  137. ERIC says:



  138. Dan Nielsen says:




  139. archiemb says:

    I deserved a copy because I’m literally MADE IN BRAZIL!!!!!

  140. Crunchynut says:

    (゚▽゚)v(゚▽゚)v o(゚▽゚)o

  141. He Hongzhan says:

    Of course I deserve it.
    For someone who are desperately need some authentic fashion nutritions, China is more of a desert…that’s the why I have to seek them in Brazil!!
    Why can’t I find such a magazine in Asia?!

  142. luka says:

    Wow, Diego, Jean Carlos, Marlon… What an issue!! Once again, I’m more than pleased with the prospect of this issue. The team brings adequate edge as well as touch to grab our eyes. Centainly, just from the previews, I’m going to say they have already pulled off every single aspect of this issue. Made in Brazil definately rocks again in terms of the editorials their team has managed to deliever. It usually makes more sense for me when it doesn’t seem to be that much about the model, the location, or the clothes, but more about the photography itself, the angles and the atmosphere there. Well, let’s face it, few male magazines in industry can never fail to provide such terrific contents time and time again. It is difficult for me in the moments of intense aesthetic experience to resist the suggestion that I’m catching a glimpse of the true beauty of masculinity of those gorgeous Brazilians. My obsession with them continues growing. And, though the images simple, yet do they convey a hint of beauty greater than I have known or imagined. If, in a word, beauty means something, that is exactly what to be expected. Bravo! Kudos to Made in Brazil!!
    Hey, guys, I bet you must know pretty well about my hunger for one of your 5 copies now. Yes, l am starving to feel this way again when I see them in print. I’m all for it and I deserve it!!!

  143. sheila gletherow says:

    dont need a copy i need the real thing but if a copy is all you got then i suppose it will have to do,my littlewoods cateloge is getting a bit worn out in the mens pants section anyway,and i think ive been rumbled at the local swimming baths,taking an hour to do 10 lengths…ps we got pretty guys here too you know.

  144. taymour says:

    pretty good looking guys…

  145. Avi says:

    I need to get a copy because my brazilian boyfriend left me

  146. Herculano says:

    hey can you only buy it with a Brazilian zip code? Tried putting in a New York zip and its saying its invalid.

    Any advice or other places I can purchase one?

  147. Made In Brazil says:

    Herculano, if you are not a Brazilian resident you need to use the International link. There is a link for International purchases through Paypal right below the link for purchases in Brazil.

  148. LadyGodiva says:

    I deserve this because i’m posting this from a friend’s house & have not Internet at mine’s and before seeing those bodies i think that i won’t be able to life without my daily ration of this. :D

    P.D: Sorry for my language I’m from Spain.

  149. Georgia says:

    these men are HOOTTTTT!!! i want me some of that!! loll… china needs to get some yummy guys like these;]

  150. eri victorinov says:

    i’m dying to go to brazil and meet this hot male models!! to die for!

  151. Alexey says:

    Anyone know what or who the music is?

  152. Aaron says:


  153. Kayla says:

    i deserve to get this magazine because there is no way for me to purchase it and i have been a fan of madeinbrazil for the longest of times, so if i dont get this magazine ill be extremely disappointed :( if find madeinbrazil #3 is the best so far and im a huge fan of all the models in the issue so thats why i think i deserve to get a copy.

  154. valentina says:

    my entire life I’ve devoted all my time to fashion. What i can read up on the internet, the latest fashions, designers, photographers and most of all fashion magazines. Magazines are a great way of showing off great clothing and their designers but also showing you the true beauty in models, and that is what i think MIB has done with their lastest issue MIB #3. I have no way of getting or purchasing this magazine, and that is why i think i should be one of the ones chosen to get this magazine. I would be extremely grateful if i was chosen to be given a copy of one of the greatest magazines in the world.

  155. sarah willman says:

    Theres is phenomenal!! An elegant, alien beauty..rare.

  156. I luv MIB says:

    Really nice work. I hope there will be MIB#4,5,6,7,8…..=] I will still buy one if I can’t get a copy!

  157. Sal L says:

    Very Well Done! Its always a pleasure to see georgous group of people having fun. I really enjoyed the face on Robin and thought the thumb ring “hand Shot” was well done. Another work of art great job gents! Sal

  158. Mark says:

    I’d love a copy because I LOVE BRAZIL! And its men.

  159. Sandro says:

    I would love to win a copy. Since basically the start of your blog i have been the most religious follower of made in brazil. Every morning right after getting out of bed, i make coffee and sit down to check out two blogs and made in brazil is one of them. wherever i am in the world, on my home pc, laptop or ipad, whatever the days holds for me, i always start with reading the latest posts on these two blogs while drinking coffee. I have downloaded all the made in brazil podcasts on my ipod and i have been listening to them on planes, trains, while jogging and mostly when at home alone or with company (my favorite is N°19 which starts with Lisztomania by Phoenix). I have commented on your blog, expressed my admiration and shared some criticism. I have recommended your site to friends and strangers. I own swimwear and magazines and clothes i would not if they hadn’t been featured on your blog. When in New York in February i tried to get my hands on a copy of magazine N°1 or N°2…unfortunatly without success. the terms “speedo sunday” and “to get you through the weekend…” have become part of my everyday vocabulary…i now recognize most brazilian models on runways in Milan, Paris and New York and whenever i happen to walk past a billboard with a brazilian model it makes me think of the post on your blog where i’ve seen it first…apart from taking inspiration from your photo and video footage i have have read and followed all your posts about cultural events in brazilian cities, new movie releases and with outmost interest the struggle for gay rights in brazil. Besides entering the lottery for a copy of the magazine with this comment it is also a perfect occasion to congratulate and thank you for the outstanding work you do every day…as all of the comments above me show your blog reaches people in every corner of the world and creating thereby a global community and i feel very lucky to be part of it.

  160. Vanessa says:

    I love everything and anything about Brasil!

  161. Renan Costa says:

    The first issue of MIB Mag is on top of my desk and its cover I see everyday. I was in Brazil at the time and I bought it two hours after sales release. The issuev #2, though, is a sad story. I live in Sweden and at the time I asked my mom back in Brazil, in a embarressed e-mail, to buy a copy of the mag and ship it to me. She did but too bad I never got it. It desapeared somewhere somehow and then, all I got was the insurance money in my account. I still remember I cryed when I got the deposit of 30 euros…
    This time I´ll fight hard for the third edition! As a dayly reader of Corbetta’s blog, since you started brazilianizing the world, one day at a time, I’d feel honored to receive a MIB Mag#3 from you.


  162. Miista says:

    Knowing my luck, I doubt I’d win, but here goes:

    I would like to walk away with a copy of Made in Brazil #3, so that I can stay up late and read it secretly, while all my sisters and my mum (me being the only boy in the family) sleep. I don’t think I can easily get a copy of this in Australia either, so I would like to easily get my hands on one. Plus, I would love to share and show it with my friends at school!

    Other than that, thanks for giving me this hopeful opportunity <3.

    ~ Miista.

  163. Sal L | Models Rule says:

    First off, Hats off to MIB. Truly a fabulous piece of work but let’s face it, there is huge talent here. There is no doubt that these models have it but let’s give a standing ovation to the behind the scenes team here as well. From the Stylist to the Photographers lighting tech and back to the personal assistant of the producer there is a team here that BRINGS IT and Brings it HARD! On top of that this team knows how to have fun at work. No pun intended but I bet this crew works hard and I bet plays hard and that is a fierce combination.
    These shots really capture everything that was brought to the table. Just take some time to notice the effort that the stylist(s) made here. Clothing, Accessories, Couture, Jewelry, Gloves, Hats, Underwear, No Underwear, Clean Shaven, Rough, Real, Funny, Tough, Not So Tough, Polished, Unpolished and every combination of……..variety even on individual models some have perfect hair and haven’t shaven for a week. Some have messy hair and flawless everywhere else. Hair and makeup is amazing as well. Polished and refined but also keeps the natural beauty intact. Just look at that close up with the guy holding the slippers very close to his face. Tell me what do you see?
    These guys are stunning and there is so much more to look at that you can spend all day just trying to notice all of it. Is his zipper open on that guy who’s biting his toe? Why in the world is the guy in bed biting his chain so hard? How about the one laying down on the bed that has his hand down his pants? I bet 90% of the people viewing this first think a hand down the pants is questionable to say the least but every guy in the world at some point in time has been laying on the couch with his hand in his pants doing nothing more than watching TV. Who are all those young guys on line with their books in their hands? I’m guessing Open Call time in Brazil shirts are off limits! That last shot in my book is the best, not because these guys are obviously gorgeous, but just look at how much fun these guys are bringing to the table. Besides what’s better than one of these guys in a shoot, try five of them. Check out the STYLE, the hair, the lighting, the shadows. What’s up with the model on the right? You know how blondes have more fun well I think in this case guys who don’t shave their legs (or the rest of their bodies) have more fun! This guy is great and I’m just kidding about really having more fun, but what a pose and what contrast that brings to the shot in a totally different way. If you don’t go back and look at this for more than the guys after reading this your missing out on so much. Honestly if you go back after reading this please let me know what interesting things you find! If anyone has a comment on the kissing the TV screen I would love to hear it!
    Words can’t express the true art here and I’ll tell you why I deserve to walk away with a copy of this MIB #3, in one word APPRECIATION and appreciated by more than just myself. In New York it’s that time to hit the Hamptons, hit the beaches and share good times with your family and friends. This is one of those Magazines you don’t just keep to yourself. This is a great work of art that will be shared with many over a glass of vino/wine on a hot summer night by the pool. One that everyone walking through the house will get to appreciate. It’s a work of art that can be kept in the lobby at work for every aspiring model that walks through the door can read and love. And after that passed down to someone else who will appreciate it and do the same. It’s a real conversation piece and a true work of art!
    Sal L.

  164. Carolina says:

    oh my gosh! is this real ?

  165. Mike Henderson says:

    Just absolutely amazing,stunning guys and superb photography.Have been to Brazil and the guys are out of this world.I live in the UK so no hope for me.Just love all the models.Thank you.MH.

  166. Thanny says:

    I am Brazilian and I love fashion, fashion in Brazil is a branch that is growing every day, we’re different and unique. We have different beauties, different strokes, different ideas. I believe that fashion is always new everywhere whether it’s in Brazil or Japan moves to all the fashion and unite everyone.
    Sorry if I wrote something wrong, my English is not good.

  167. Thanny says:

    @Scandaluxe: Eu amo ser brasileira, somos todos e criativos.

  168. Thanny says:

    @Scandaluxe: Eu amo ser Brasileira, somos todos lindos e criativos.

  169. Christine says:

    I think I deserve a copy because I’m a 23 year old starving art student. Made in Brazil has always been a beacon of Brazilian flare and culture. The blog and magazine never fails to warm me up when the dull raining weather where I live drags me down. I also really appreciate the effort that MIB Mag has done to showcase a diverse skin tone and ethnicity in their models when the fashion world always seems to favour the more fair skinned. It’s really unique in that way. Seeing the male form elevated above being a backdrop or prop is so refreshing to see.

    “We wanted to be as careful as we could to signal that this magazine is aimed at a different market, … upscale feel.” – Anna Wintour

    And that’s what I think you’ve done here. You’ve made a photobook. No ads, no selling, just an appreciation of the uniquely Brazilian Male form and Aesthetic. Please I want a Made in Brazil Magazine #3. If nothing else it’ll give me a wonderful accessory to carry around with me to all my classes, reminding me why I’m doing them in the first place, when they get stale and boring!

  170. Alika says:

    Made in Brazil #3 will give my summer a much-needed boost. Being back home for the 3 month span is killing my fashion sense and limits my eye-candy viewings, Issue #3 will revive my spirits and help me survive the two months left of this sunny nightmare.


  171. ben says:

    australia is along way from brazil so having a copy of the mag is the next best thing!

  172. Leo says:

    Ok. Try to figure. I live in a place where I have to hide all my fashion magazines. You know the kind… something like the boy under the sheets, whit a lamp and a whole new and fashion world filling the head. The truth is that I can’t handle with this anymore. I want to keep my magazines, organize them by season on my desk, you know what I’m talking? despite what my parents or anyone could say about me.

    So. I was thinking. Made in Brazil is all about fearless beauty. Each of those models has this courage to be for the camera what their body represents, and it looks so natural and right… I guess the perfection of this magazine comes from the ability of capture and ally the wild, fresh and stunning beauty, intrinsic to these men, with the strenght and simplicity of brazillian way of living.

    So it’s perfect. I need that strength, this fearless and wild behavior of Made in Brazil to stand on my desk, pointing to everyone for now on, saying: “hey, so what?”. Made in Brazil will be may freedom passport here. I want it and I need it. :)

  173. Jackie says:

    I deserve a copy because I definitely admire beautiful photography! I admire beautiful men! And specially Brazilians, since I’m a 100% Brazilian myself! :D

    Would sooooooooooooo love to have a copy!!!

  174. Esteban says:

    I wanna buy the magazine, but I just can’t!
    What is CPF? ToT

  175. ERIC says:


  176. JNG says:

    It has been a long time~ Time to announce the result!!

  177. AL.W© says:


  178. M James Dugan says:

    I am inspired by the models with confidence and (rare) attitude. The photographers with skill and persuasion and the designers with vision of style and forsight to find the models with unique exuberance. In common with a magazine yet to re-invent itself again, I am a visionary of TodaysEvents and Helppeopleshare social sites soon to start.
    Your style is so straight and pure it simply inspires.

  179. fredysnz says:


  180. Erez Egilmez says:

    I allwas trawell BRAZIL and i love brazilian models male and female i work them my fashion show
    Best Regards
    Erez EGILMEZ

  181. Erez Egilmez says:

    I love brazil models i use tham for my fashion show best regards erez egilmez

  182. Alicia says:

    Who is the second guy on the right of the LAST PIC? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW!! Or just tell me the names of those guays!! Please. and Thank youu!

  183. Some girl says:

    Still wondering why fashion has to take de concept of manhood and sh!t on it.

  184. Jess says:

    Who are the two boys with de tattoos and one of them with a septum piercing?

  185. Gustavo Delamarques says:

    I very, very like this male models, is beautiful and The fashion too.

  186. Monse says:


  187. Law says:

    I think I deserve this lovely issue of Made in Brazil because I practically drool over fine physiques of male, regardless in their interpretation. I appreciate the aesthetic qualities in a human body, the fine lines depicted in the rawest forms that could thaw the greatest frost of a being.
    I truly, truly admire how the fine bodies incorporate with sensuality and pure visual temptations (e.g, them pictures that are provided above) that could make me hold up my pen again and again, and bleed the ink and lead out along with my inspirations onto pristine paper.
    I want to create something equally, or even more so breathtaking than what I see.
    And, and– I really need this copy because ‘gawd those bods and leather make me squeal like a rabid fangirl thirsty for the male essence’.
    Please. Pretty please. Let me have it.
    I need to quell my thirst by having this fine book that could strengthen my human anatomy skills. Human body you know. Body.

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