Love – issue four – cover preview

Posted by stephan | August 19th, 2010

Photos: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Day 1: Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Presenting our 4 part preview of the Love september issue’s 8 stunning collectible covers. In partnership with Love magazine will be presenting 2 new covers per day throughout the week.

The highly anticipated issue will be on newsstands Aug 23rd, with the bonus treat of an iPad app available simultaneously to download for free!

ps. stay tuned for our full interview with Love’s leading lady Katie Grand coming next week…

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  1. PeterCol says:


  2. j'adore says:

    Alessandra looks like Martin Cohn, and that’s not a good thing.

  3. Sam says:

    ale n rosie both looks amazing

  4. jeremydante says:


  5. TeeVanity says:

    I knew Alessandra was gonna be on the cover love it so much omg, I want it right now!

  6. faicelb says:

    Alessandra’s cover is way better! can’t wait to see more!

  7. Lauren says:

    Love Alessandra’s cover! It would be very typical if she just showed cleavage and had a pout, it’s nice to see a different look. Beautiful!

  8. KS says:

    Ale’s look is refreshing! bleached brows works well on her..

  9. gerochis says:

    i love ALESSANDRA!

  10. Yemzi says:

    OMFG Rose is soooo stunning!

  11. James says:

    I prefer Rosie’s

  12. BoysSize12 says:

    Alessandra Ambrosio has been making a huge couture and editorial run as of late, but this cover is the most high fashion!!

  13. Boogie says:

    What a little red lipstick does to a woman….

  14. PixMagazine says:

    Amazing Alessandra!!!!

  15. PixMagazine says:

    Alessandra looks gorgeous!!!

  16. Ryo says:

    I love that VS are being cast in edgier shots. Love Ambrosio’s cover!!

  17. Marsnoop says:

    Riccardo Tisci, needs to give Alessandra a Givenchy campaign immediately. This cover is nothing short of spectacular.

  18. Sean says:

    So whats next? HF girls such as Pivovarova or Karlie Kloss getting into the VS fashion shows and Catalogs or what….

  19. ramir says:

    wow very beautiful covers i hope adriana is next

  20. anlabe says:

    Wow, they both look gorgeous!
    I’m so excited who will be next!!! Miranda maybe? Or Dree? I hope Lara!

  21. simon says:

    aouch ! alessandra is ugly on this cover !

  22. DashaS says:

    alessandra looks very stunning! i love it
    but i guess that Rosie looks more sexy 😛

  23. Craig Morrison UK says:

    Alessandra is the hottest woman alive.

    It would be nice to see Isabeli and Adriana Lima too.

  24. kc says:

    love love love it!!! especially alessandra’s cover and look :)

  25. Dr Yes says:

    Holy crap.


  26. Podestá says:


  27. jackie says:

    i hope adriana is next

  28. sandra says:

    yeah i also wanna see adriana on love magazine cover

  29. anlabe says:

    Just saw a picture of one issue and i could see that the name started with probably an R. Maybe… Rianne ten Haken?

  30. cathy says:

    adriana needs to be on that cover she deserves much better

  31. D. says:

    hopefully this cover of Alessandra will make people take her more seriously. yes hopefully Adriana is next!

  32. Chris says:

    This is actually the first time Alessandra catches my atention, she looks much better with dark hair.

  33. sinead says:

    i cannot wait to see the rest lets cross are fingers for ADRIANA i hope she’s one of the covers

  34. taylor says:

    for sure if adriana is one of the covers adriana’s cover is indeed gonna be the best

  35. anlabe says:

    when will the next 2 covers be released?

  36. gerochis says:

    why did adriana deseverd MUCH better?

  37. karol says:

    adriana should be in this cover

  38. jervis says:

    i don’t like the cover of alessandra she looks so skinny with that long face and her lpis looks so fake too much photoshoped i much prefer rosie but i guess it would much be better if adriana or doutzen to be on the cover

  39. GP says:

    Alex is The Angel? She looks more like a Vampire here that she can be in the Twilight movie.
    I love all o them so far, Rosie’s is so sexy and Alex looks really different.

    Gisele is gorgeous as alway.
    So so suprise to see Lauren…..

  40. emarude says:

    Adriana and Miranda dont have covers

  41. Shane says:

    Oh, the queen Gisele … stunning.
    Alessandra … my favorite.
    Adriana …. hopefully the next.

  42. W says:

    Lauren’s cover is overly photoshopped:|
    Gisele has the best cover so far

  43. fashion_nerd says:

    omg! i can’t even recognise Alessandro! she’s actually much more versatile than most ppl thought! loooved her Moschino campaign!!! Gisele really rocks! she’s the ultimate supermodel, not a huge fan of her look but got to admit her face&body are just made for high fashion! good to see using an older model as they should do anyway! even liked this pic of Rosie, doesn’t look like the usual boring her which is a good thing lol

  44. You! Me! Dancing! says:

    Gisele is the best cover so far! If you compare hers with Rosie and Alessandra you can ser why these two are just beginners. Gisele is godess!

  45. meerquat says:

    Gisele is perfect as always.

    I dont know why they feature Rosie so much…she is boring …soooooo boring

  46. sl says:

    Rosie is boring?like comeon………… this a joke? this girl is in the 50 top sexy models…WE LOVE ROSIE!

  47. stace says:

    OMG. Look at Lauren Hutton. She’s absolutely fabulous. This is the best cover ever. I’m loving Gisele’s cover too.

  48. ro says:


  49. Whatevah says:

    NOBODY can say anything bad about that Giselle cover, just when I thought Alessandra was the best so far, Giselle arrived and that ladies and gentlemen is a COVER!

  50. Alex says:

    It is exciting that Alessandra got a complete transformation and she’s pulling it off really well. But if you just look at the covers, Giselle’s cover is the most breathtaking. It is perfect as a cover.
    Alessandra’s shot is more amazing in terms of high fashion maybe and the fact that she looks different than usual but if she hadn’t.. would it have been as great? I don’t think so…..

  51. Yana says:


  52. milania says:

    omg Gisele’s cover. *speechelss* her face is perfection and she is just simply stunning. she ALWAYS can be expected to deliver. modeling was made for HER!!!!!!!! such a covergirl! now wonder she has so many. Nice to see Lauran Hutton, that was unexpected. I really love all cover acutally! rosie and gisele’s being my favorites so far. their faces look beyong stunning.

  53. Jenna says:

    Gisele looks amazing! Gisele’s cover is by favorite but Alessandra’s comes in second!

  54. Chris says:

    I think Rosie’s and Lauren’s covers are the best, they’re the most iconic ones plus they look natural, Gisele looks aged with that hair style, and Ambrosio looks like a different person, no sense.

  55. Will Springfield says:

    Rosie is Extremely sexy. Her audacious gaze says Give me all your money because i’m Super SEXY, or else i’m going to TAKE it at Gunpoint!

    – Will

  56. pfvcdz says:

    omg Gisele, love how she can transform to another era. she looks just like Mrs Robinson from the 60’s lol (in a good way) she is so versatile, you can clearly see who THE supermodel is. you can see why she gets so many covers now! one thing is for sure, her cheekbones cannot be beat!!!!

  57. anlabe says:

    Still like Rosie’s and Alessandra’s the best. I’m curious about who’ll be next…!

  58. Anne says:

    Too much Gisele Bundchen for my taste, I prefer the other covers instead.

  59. rik says:



  60. simon santo says:

    finally models looking like women’s !
    Congrats ! Beautiful …missed that ! This r models ..not skinny sick looking 15 years old girls ! Bravos !

  61. lord says:

    Love Alessandra’s cover. She looks stunning

  62. conchal says:

    GISELE .ÜBER MODEL forever .unique!!!

  63. TeeVanity says:

    Gisele & Lauren ~ WOW

  64. Nigel S. says:

    Gisele. Hello!
    Her cover is certainly THEE BEST, hands down!

    I Have not seen a cover with such a perfect magnitude of beauty in quite some time.
    Incredible. Post-baby Gisele is so much stronger than ever before.

    It’s wonderful to see the formidable Lady that is Lauren Hutton amongst the VS vixens.

    I’d love to see Isabeli! But it may interrupt V’s sexy edition?. Linda Evangelista would be smashing and/or Daria.

  65. carola says:

    God, Gisele really has the greatest face.. and to think it all started because of her curvy (lol) body, nobody ever praised her face, why?? I know she doesn’t look like that without makeup, but no other woman could look like her, with or without makeup. How could Estee Lauder and Lancome and Revlon be missing out on this face?? I mean Max Factor is good but the others are so much bigger.

  66. Joe says:

    Agyness got a bridge piercing! That piercing scars

  67. Oliverio says:


  68. GP says:

    The Mannequin is Germma Ward!!!

  69. simon says:

    woaw “the mannequin” is very strange , she look like gemma ward , and agyness is beautiful , i don’t really love the cover with lauren , and alessandra ambrosio frightens !
    rosie is a little bit vulgar , gisele is nice !

  70. ramir says:

    so far the mannequin was the best perfect no need for retouch

  71. paco says:

    oooh god! agyness is sooooooooo fuckin’ beautifull. she just got it!

  72. fashion_nerd says:

    the barbie is bloody scary!!! like a scary doll from those horror movie or those japanese wereid sex dolls, yuk! i’d rather be super ugly than looking like that @@~

  73. Greg says:

    Agyness rocks! I miss her! I don’t understand why they put a mannequin on the cover? it’s abit cheesey to say the least! Although it does look very similar to gemma ward! There have been rumours that she is making a comeback this september?? maybe shes got an ed inside.

  74. Jensvollen says:

    Agyness Deyan And Alessandras cover is fuckin loovely !

  75. Sam Chao says:

    Love Magazine的封面太有爱了.美

  76. Sam Chao says:



  77. Sam Chao says:


  78. Sam Chao says:

    其实左边的都好看,右边的只喜欢Day 1的

  79. olga z.zhang says:


  80. ro says:

    was Ms Perfect a Gemma Ward Clone??!! hahaha
    Stil Gisele is the most amazing cover and Agyness in second now I HOPE TO SEE ADRIANA !!!!

  81. anlabe says:

    I really hope Lara on the cover of the one left. Those 4 new ones are really dissapointing.

  82. Whatevah says:

    LOVE this preview! Thanks MDC!

  83. Nelson Almeida says:

    Awesome Covers!

    But i cant believe thats really a Piecing


  84. anax says:

    And here’s to you, Mrs. Bundchen,
    Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo wo wo)haha Gisele is amazing as Mrs Robinson. her facial beauty is out of this world on the cover!

  85. sam says:

    Ms Perfect Looks Like The One And Only GEMMA WARD I Hope She Shows Up Soon I Miss Her <3

  86. sam says:

    seriously if gemma ward is in this magazine i think i might die of happiness

  87. ramir says:

    me too i miss gemma ward i want her to comeback and become no.1 top model and then fashion icon. i hope adriana is in this cover too and gemma ward too

  88. BRM says:

    Agyness Deyan in Ranking Icons

  89. BRM says:

    The next layer will be with Lea T

  90. BRM says:

    Adrina Lima, Ana B. Emanuela de Paula Barros and must appear in the next LOVE!

  91. lana says:

    i hope if adriana is on the cover they put the goddess on her

  92. D. says:

    Idk about Adriana guys.:/ Judging from the video LOVE put out on the issue it seems Ana Beatriz Barros, Letita Casta, Elle Macpherson, and Ashley Smith are shoe-ins for the remaining covers. Hopefully there is one more.

  93. chica says:

    lauren hutton looks fabulous as always

  94. carola says:

    Agyness.. blah. I liked her before, but they keep pushing her as this “punk model”, she was the complete opposite when she was an unknown model doing London shows a few years ago. In reality Hilary Rhoda is probably more punk than her lol.

  95. Miyoshi says:

    Gemma Ward!!!! Please come back!!!!!!!!!

  96. Forrest says:

    Another view of Ms. Perfect. This could be a preview the future of modeling where there are no human models involved at all. Just computer generated life like images which is a world I never want to witness.

  97. TeeVanity says:

    Agy & Ms. Perfect ~ stunning, love them both

  98. taintednpainted says:

    I don’t understand Ms. Perfect is it supposed to be Katie poking fun of what the unachievable fantasy fashion ideal is (pale skin, blue eyes, small nose, small lips, super thin, etc)? Or is it just what it is [alien “beauty”]? Personally its a stunning visual but if I saw someone like that in real life I would freak.

  99. jojo says:


  100. Abbey says:

    wtf does agyness have a piercing through her upper nose? I’m all about self-expression, but jeez get it somewhere reasonable. Other than that I love all of these covers!

  101. GP says:

    Hope to see some colour girls on the cover. Love is too beautiful:)

  102. Yanhao says:


  103. Gemi says:

    At least in 2010, there is a GEMMA WARD doll on the cover, but I really really really need Gemma to come back with her old body, working all the shows plus editorial, and on the cover of VOGUE’s model issue, ugg, why shes doing this to us????

  104. Lauryn says:

    Sienna Miller and Kelly Brook? They really let me down with the last two!

  105. Yanhao says:

    The day4 Kelly & Sienna …Really Makes me confused .What the hell dose it mean?Kelly?Sienna?OK ,I really like them ,but Sienna is such a amazing lady ,in this picture I even cannot figure her out!What is delighted,Kelly is stil so hot~
    the 2 is not as fantasic as what I expected.
    I hope tomorrow should be better.

  106. Marcus says:

    O wow, these 8 covers are simply amazing!

    I think Agyness has totally captured my heart.

  107. Sam Chao says:


  108. GP says:

    Sienna Miller? No way that is her. The face and the body are not the Sienna I have seen. Wow!! They made everyone look like someone eles, awesome!!

  109. Kiki says:

    Sienna Miller looks just like Masha Novoselova there.

  110. You! Me! Dancing! says:

    Who is Kelly Brook? I really do not know her! What is she knowed for? Should have not this cover been used for someone really big, or for a true model? I do also agree that Sienna does not look like Sienna Miller. So much Photoshop is really killing the magic!

  111. harry says:

    gemi you dumb ass “old body” bloody hell its her body and she looks more healthy and more bloody sexy ” ugg, why shes doing this to us????” so it up to you what she can and cant do i think she wiil look amazing no matter wht and i would rather a happy more healthy gemma than a starving twig gemma

  112. anlabe says:

    Omg, Sienna looks a bit like… Emily DiDonato! Like her cover the most after Rosie and Alessandra. The rest kinda… suck!

  113. kc says:

    sienna miller looks better than ever imo

  114. jake says:

    @you! Me! Dancing! Kelly brook is known in the uk mostly as a glamour model/tv personality and also for dating billy zane a while back. I think sienna looks perfectly like herself, I knew it was her straight away.

  115. Gav says:

    Crystal Renn and Liya Kebede should have got a cover.

  116. Nigel S. says:

    This Kelly Brook looks incredibly stunning…
    Truly wonderful shot.

    I too agree that Agyness has perhaps the warmest, most genuine cover. Infectiously so.
    She embodies a wonderful time past…

    Though, I am all over Gisele’s Glam Pow.

  117. Shane says:

    The last 2 (Sienna and Kelly) ruined it all!

    Who is Kelly Brook?

  118. BRM says:

    Adriana L. in place that would be perfect as Kelly: Why is the model
    world’s sexiest …

    Ana B. Barros would be much higher as the Sienna pin up

  119. Sean says:

    Cant belive thats sienna!
    looks like someone else, and way better than she usually does

  120. Derrick says:

    Kelly and Sienna! Now these are the models I want! Im tired of skinny ninny cacatinnis!!

  121. Jennier says:

    For me Alessandra looks the better, then Gisele.

  122. Gustavo Ford says:

    Gisele <3

  123. Afnan says:

    i prefer agyness…. :)

  124. Boogie says:
  125. turly says:

    my faves are Gisele,Rosie,Alessandra and Lauren’s. the rest suck

  126. Eva says:


  127. linda says:


    I know it is sad–but unfortunately the fashion world is still a white-dominated place. The rise of minority in fashion, like in many other areas, will take time.

  128. Nev says:

    yes…no color…why??????
    where is Naomi, Chanel or Jourdann or Liya or Alek or Iman or Beverley or Tyra or Patricia Velasquez or Claudia Mason or Nadege…..

    surprise me.

  129. TeeVanity says:

    Kelly Brook is my favorite, since she is blood enough 2 kinda follow last issue theme. Shock no Black models tho – Sigh, I thought this would have been Jourdan Dunn’s comeback cover!

  130. Mila says:

    Rosie is so reminiscent of the sophisticated glamour era in this shoot. Simply perfect

  131. Nádia says:

    So, they’re all out!

    My favorite is Agyness one! It’s just so pure and perfectly gorgeous! Next would be Alessandra’s, I love the makeup and her expression! 3rd would be Rosie’s, she just look so damn…sexy!

    Oh, and Gisele’s good, too, I have to admit!

    As to the others, they don’t blow me away! Mannequin is precious, but I prefer real flesh!

  132. jhon says:


  133. Mee! says:

    I love that piercing in Aggy! She looks amazing!
    And I love the other covers 2!

  134. oscar says:

    love Gisele And Agyness…

  135. Gamal Abdel Nasser Ghonim says:


  136. Grace says:

    Alessandro looks amazing with the bleached eyebrows!!

  137. Grace says:


  138. Grace says:

    Ms. Perfect looks like the Angel– Sasha Pinovakova :)

  139. Grace says:

    Sasha Pivovarova!

  140. Morgane says:

    All these covers are really interesting! I love that! My favourite is the one with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

  141. fashion_nerd says:

    kelly hot hot hot! she’s a VS super start in the making! stupid VS don’t use this hottie is beyond my comprehension :(

    Sienna miller is unrecognisable! bloody hell does this prove what photoshop and makeup can do for a celeb? this made me feel so much better lol

  142. fashion_nerd says:

    over Gisele definitely deserves the supermodel status, i’m not a big fan but her face & body are made for high fashion! love AA too! i’m liking her more and more now! this girl can do high fashion for sure! good for them to use an older model. the Barbie is bloody scary man! out of a horror movie! hate AD, what’s she doing there? she’s so over! @@~ if they wanted an androgyness look, get Freja!

  143. Brutelle says:

    The funny thing is – you can’t find the Kelly and Agy and the mannequin covers ANYWHERE! Is there a later date for releasing them or something?

  144. barbo says:

    Alessandra is so gorgeous~

  145. Moriah says:

    Alessandra looks stunning and sexy..and Agyness looks so badass and hardcore, love it!

  146. Sarah says:

    Gisele looks very pretty, but I do not think she should be the Bombshell considering that she is not curvy… has a great body, but not bombshell material.

  147. jenn says:


  148. Jasmin says:

    wow Sienna! She, Alessandra and Rosie look great and fit so well with LOVE!

  149. Sandraaaaaaaaa says:

    WOW. All of these are gorgeous

  150. Nelson Almeida says:

    Sienna Rosie Kelly!!!!

  151. popson bolus says:

    All are very nice.

  152. popson bolus says:

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  153. Rafael says:

    I was never a huge fan of alessandra, but I must say this look is much better for her. Definitely edgier. Rosie’s cover’s still my favorite, though

  154. spankydeluv says:

    I am sorry but I don’t see why everyone seems to not get enough of Alessandra IN THIS COVERS but honestly she looks kinda scary
    Rosie’s is sensual & beautiful

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