Love – Issue 6 Preview – Pt.4

Posted by stephan | July 25th, 2011

LOVE‘s upcoming Issue 6 (out next week in print and on the ipad) is living up to its Super Natural theme with some of the most bewilderingly beautiful magazine covers we’ve seen recently. Take a look at the full set of 8 incredible covers featuring Hollywood’s rising stars and modeling’s most stunning faces – plus coming soon an exclusive sneak peek at the first ever Mert & Marcus fashion video. (Also see the first LOVE Issue 6 preview with Nyasha here)

Stay tuned this week for the release of the other covers & the video…

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LOVE – Issue 6 Preview

Pt.3 Hailee Steinfeld
Pt.2 Chloe Moretz
Pt.1 Elle Fanning

Photography Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Fashion Editor Arianne Phillips
Hair Ashley Javier
Make up Kirstin Piggott

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  1. Anja says:

    She is so beautiful, glad to see Hollywood is graced with her talent and beauty. :)

  2. anlabe says:

    Wow, very simple and clean but very pretty.
    Can’t wait for the rest! I love Love!

    So how many covers are there in total…?

  3. Amy Kim says:

    So Beautiful!
    and great fonts!

  4. TeeVanity says:


  5. pitisak kongjan says:

    cute. :) love beatiful.

  6. diego fragoso says:

    beatiful picture

  7. diego fragoso says:

    beautiful really amazin

  8. michael woodward says:

    i would love to photograph elle, such a beauty!

  9. Ludvik Herrear says:

    Without a doubt a great actress and a beautiful model. After watching Super 8, she has that fresh look, that can be transformed into almost any realm, from vintage to classic.

    I can’t wait to read this LOVE issue.

  10. Nádia says:

    This first cover is the definition of beauty! :O Elle looks stunning and pure and soooo delicate <3 fairy like!

  11. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    Elle is lovely and a big talent, what a great shot here!

  12. Pedro says:

    WOW, Elle is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, so ethereal!

  13. HH says:

    I don’t think she’s the most beautiful one among crops of young beautiful actresses, but this photo is beautiful nonetheless

  14. rachel says:

    I think a little too young to be on a major mag cover, but it is a very nice one.

  15. Chase says:

    This cover really highlights the fashion industry’s preference for infantilism over femininity. Does anyone else think it’s disturbing that this child is not yet 14, and yet she’s endorsed as a model? The industry’s obsession with youth has become a parody of itself.

  16. BUCK AND ZINKO says:

    We at love this MAGAZINE. The editorials are great, the actual quality of this magazine, how it’s made is very nice, the photography is amazing, and we can’t wait to get the next issue. A MUST HAVE for any fashion follower. Thanks for providing us with a great publication:)

    buck and zinko

  17. Sav says:

    What’s the point of the tears?

  18. Dan Nielsen says:

    I never like to see an actresses face take the place of a models, but there is something infinitely fresh and modelesque about children like these so it almost makes it ok


  19. paul conde says:

    and CHLOE is sooo beautiful like elle , but that lips of chloe , are the best

  20. Jeannie says:

    hey, Hey, HEY! I know Elle Fanning is gorgeous and should be a model at like 12, but Chloe is probably the most talented and stunning child actor to come out since… Dakota Fanning.

    Both are amazing and although Elle’s cover is stronger I feel that Chloe would make a better model, she’s so inventive in front of the camera. Acting wise both are promising actors but Chloe is /much/ more mature and experienced in interviews compared to Elle’s naiveté.

    EIther way I’m definitely buying both copies 😀

  21. Kirby Wayne says:

    Chloe is SO beautiful!! She is the most talented young actress out there and she is genuinely beautiful.

  22. Travis says:

    OMG! Chloe looks SOOO pretty right here. She is amazing in Let Me In. Just gorgeous…

  23. Kirby Wayne says:

    Chloe looks stunning as usual! She is talented and gorgeous. Beautiful!

  24. Travis says:

    Chloe really is a talented beauty. She’s so pretty!!!!!

  25. TeeVanity says:

    Chloe slays!

  26. nicholas sherman says:

    I think both Chloë & Elle are two beautiful girls. Both covers look very elegant. @Dan Nielsen both, Chloë Moretz & Elle Fanning are 1 career movie away from being models.

  27. HH says:

    oh Wow I love Chloe Moretz! Just who are the other talented girls Love issue will feature?

  28. AC says:

    @HH, I love chloe moretz too and the other talented girl is Hailee Steinfeld from true grit….

  29. Eric says:

    The Big 3. Three top actresses of their age group right now. Such big things on the horizon for all of them, I hope they can stay well adjusted in Hollywoodland.

  30. shineon says:

    Nice covers overall but I can’t help to picture a beautiful grown established model’s face in place. I do not know these girls as I am a grown woman, and do not care about tweens. Justin Beiber is enough.

  31. smithy says:

    I must admit Chloe is looking amazing. Can’t wait to see her in more movies. Such a talented little girl.

  32. olivia says:



    IS GORGEOUS!!!!! WOW!!!, she has filipino blood in her, probably why she looks interestingly beautiful!

  33. joe says:

    chloe moretz is looking stunning on that cover

  34. tana says:

    the need more editorials together .perfect!

  35. rosario says:

    love the cover of the sept issue they shoulda did a varient black and white cover .

  36. big mama glamour says:

    Chloe moretz looks cute. hailey is giving me 80s flashbacks and elle reminds me of the eastern bloc model invasion. is no one worried that we are fetishising these CHILDREN?! carine predicted it with aplomb in the tom ford issue. i guess by this time next year it will be contestants frm toddlers and tiaras. anyways, im glad they didnt put nyashas cover here cuz ITS IN A LEAGUE OF ITS OWN. nyasha ftw. thats all

  37. Coco says:

    These are actually amazing!! They all look as stunning as each other for different reasons. Stunning work

  38. Joe Serna says:

    Im Loving the work, hopefully ill be there one day..

  39. elise says:

    this is another feast from Mert and Marcus

    i seem to ‘wait’ to see what they have done amazing this time !
    and each time i am impressed

    i m so proud o be part of this generation of art and fashion


  40. Junior says:

    Gorgeous girls

  41. Nádia says:

    Hailee looks TERRIFIC! so innocent :O

  42. Namal says:

    6 Covers in total. Already in newsstands. Prefer the other three covers.

  43. alizee valois says:

    visit this 😉
    merci!!! kiss!

  44. Eduard says:

    Chloe is the best. She is the most biudiful girl in the world and the biggest star in galactic! I love her

  45. PeaBodyPea says:

    Mariacarla Mariacarla Mariacarla Mariacarla Mariacarla

  46. PeaBodyPea says:




  47. TeeVanity says:

    love them all.

  48. Nádia says:

    The new covers are STUNNING! This is got to be my favorite LOVE issue ever!!! :O

  49. Paulina Lykke says:

    So beautiful

  50. Bckls says:

    All of these covers are gorgeous but the three young girls and Nyasha are the most striking.

  51. YAO says:




  52. joe says:

    oh my god Lara Stones and MCB’s covers are amazzinnnggggg

  53. Namal says:

    OMG i was wrong, i thought there was just six covers

  54. zack says:

    Love Mariacarla cover

  55. Roi says:

    Can they stop now with Kristen’s hair? Done and done and done and done…

  56. Ravin says:

    Love how clean it look.

    simple is always better.

  57. AS says:

    all of them are nice but some are better than others- mariacarla, nyasha and lara.

  58. Bricks_markets says:

    am i the only one who thinks there’s not much diversity here? they all look the same to me, several are the same type of face. can they not include more ethinicities?

  59. shakingx says:


  60. carola says:

    Lara really has such a wonderful face, there’s such perfection in her face I can’t describe it. Daphne looks incredible as well.

  61. Prabal says:

    Grandmother ( Kristen) and her daughters..

  62. allen says:

    mariacarla! Just <3

  63. Dan Nielsen says:

    Without the physical tears on their faces, hardly any of them would actually look like they’re crying… Except for maybe kristen… None the less, these are some cool piczzs yo.



  64. Sam says:

    serious wow at Chloe she’s so pretty, jeeze why was she not used in a fall ad she blows elle and the other girl out the water!

  65. Riccardo Messina says:

    Fantastiiiic!!! 😀

  66. Ludvik Herrera says:

    This is another fantastic set by the LOVE team. I am in awe, and cannot wait to receive my issue!

  67. Valente' F says:


  68. Fernando Colon says:

    Cannot wait to see Mert & Marcus’ first fashion film. These covers are outstanding, especially Maria Carla & Lara Stone.

  69. elise says:


  70. Bobby says:

    “What Lies Beneath” is a BLATANT RIP OFF..
    Check out Jeff Bark’s work from 2007 titled “Woodpecker”

    How can they get away with this…not even crediting the original work?

  71. Lucas says:

    Those are some inspiring pictures!

  72. noel says:


  73. casas en venta says:

    they are beautifull, nice work from these girls

  74. Event Models says:

    Beautiful work! Models look amazing and the stylists work is intense as well.

  75. Roberto says:

    Story was ripped off blatantly…..
    google: Jeff Bark’s photos titled: “woodpecker”

    Love how if you say anything bad they will not add it to the comments!!!

  76. Afnansyah says:

    Love them all.. miss mcmenamy, u earned my vote :)

  77. Things I Like says:

    Nyasha’s and Mariacarla’s covers are rather intriguing

  78. dakota says:

    Love is totally copying GREY Magazine !!!

  79. Laura says:

    So pure and fragile! But yet strong! Love it, I could watch the photos for days and days.

  80. josemontesdeocah says:

    i want to buy the issue with chloe moretz for the cover.. where and when can i buy it?

  81. Dina says:

    Elle is the best! She is very pretty and beautiful girl))))

  82. Taylor says:

    Out of the model’s covers, I love Mariacarla’s and Lara’s. Daphne’s is amazing too.

    Elle is seriously stunning. I don’t think she’s very tall, but if she grew to be 5’9+, she definitely has the potential to be an amazing model.

  83. jazz says:
  84. maria says:

    omg Elle is really gorgeous, she’s like stunning. she kinda has that innocent & cute look but still elegant at the same time :)

  85. john kurrasch says:

    chole moretz is gorgeous the hair and eyes
    pay each other a coplement Id love to see more of

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