i-D 318 – The Royalty Issue models.com cover previews

Posted by stephan | March 16th, 2012

i-D 318 – The Royalty Issue models.com cover previews

Presenting an exclusive models.com preview of 5 of the breathtaking new i-D Magazine No. 318 Covers

The queens of fashion unite of i-D’s royalty issue and the results are nothing short of stellar. Danielle & Iango shoot representations of modern regality creating striking images of Sui He, Guinevere Van Seenus, Shalom Harlow and Carolyn Murphy. Classical violin sensation Hahn Bin joins the fun in a stunning shot wearing Gareth Pugh. With styling by Patti Wilson, hair from Luigi Murenu and the added polish of Stephane Marais’ makeup each cover star is truly queen for a day. Take an exclusive first look at the covers only in MDX.

Photography: Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi
Styling: Patti Wilson
Hair: Luigi Murenu
Make-Up: Stephane Marais
Casting: Urban Productions / Casting

Guinevere Van Seenus
Guinevere wears cape worn as veil Alexander McQueen.
“If I were Queen for a day I would play with all of the crown jewels… take a nap and then play with them some more!”

Shalom Harlow
Shalom wears dress Gareth Pugh
“If I were Queen for a day I would make every person on the planet telepathic so that no one could lie about anything, not even to themselves; and then I would implement the new social political economic structures based upon truth and well-being for all living creatures”

Sui He
Sui wears fragrance Chanel Coco Mademeoiselle
“If I were Queen for the day, Iʼd ask everyone to do one good deed to help others.”

Hahn-Bin wears all clothing Gareth Pugh.

Carolyn Murphy
Carolyn wears dress and hat Alexander McQueen
“If I were Queen for a day Iʼd tackle business and fun… Iʼd hold a meeting with Parliament and all UN leaders to sign a mandatory bill banning all GMO crops and processed foods worldwide. Iʼd ensure every human had access to organic food… then Iʼd throw a huge ʻNight in the Garden Ballʼ at the countryside palace dressed in Alexander McQueen and the queenʼs jewels!”

i-D 318 – The Royalty Issue models.com cover previews Part 2

Karl Lagerfeld by Karl Lagerfeld
Georgia May Jagger by Walter Pfeiffer style by Elgar Johnson
Vivienne Westwood by Juergen Teller
Daphne Groeneveld by Richard Bush / style by Sarah Richardson

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  1. Domonick Hannosh says:


  2. Jaime van der Goes says:


  3. joe says:

    Love the Sui He and Carolyn Murphy covers

  4. Monte says:

    OMG Sui He is stunning

  5. anlabe says:

    Guinevere and Sui He are the only ones i feel excited about. They are all pretty though.

  6. model watcher says:

    Sui he kills it .. Love the covers

  7. Elsa Deslandes says:

    I'm crazy about this good job, congratulations all of you!

  8. Ting says:

    Love these covers !! So fresh & modern. All are bringing there own thing to the covers. I will be buying Sui He’s for sure.

  9. Gaoqian Jiang says:

    Every cover is so lovely!

  10. Lily says:

    Ok, I’m sorry I thought before that Guinevere wasn’t fit for an icon. I was wrong and I apologize. However, I’m not saying the whole icon ranking is perfect, I’m still saying Laetitia should be there.

  11. GP says:

    All great covers. Shalom looks so difference but gorgeous.

  12. Jam says:

    GVS is more than a icon, she’s a muse!!

    Love the covers, Sui He as the new girl shines so bright.

    Bravo to all 4 ladies

  13. saptodjojokartiko says:

    Guinevere and Sui He’s covers are to die for!!!

  14. Brit boy says:

    The best I.D covers in a very longtime. Amazing!!!

  15. Silvia Ranguelova says:

    Facts speak more than words. <3 Guys S.

  16. silvia says:


  17. Sepideh Zarei says:


  18. carola says:

    Love Sui He’s cover, Carolyn’s looks cool too

  19. brucegisele says:

    SHalom face n bone structure…. wooow! beyond amazing… too fierce for words.. Sui n Guinnies are very inspirational as well! wow!

  20. mia says:

    They are not cool. Honestly quite boring :(

  21. LaToya (M.V.A.) Braham says:


  22. Suze Lee says:

    Urban Productions / Casting did the casting for this story. Can we get credited as well??
    Thanks! Looks amazing doesn’t it??

  23. The Idan says:




  24. PITTE says:

    yes very Halloween ….lol

  25. Tadeu Gomes says:

    all the covers are amazing! Congratulations.

  26. Jared says:

    The photography is beautiful, but the girls looks like they are old corps from a hollywood movie in designer clothing with dried make up, although the make up is extremely well done. take that away the pictures don’t have much.

  27. Cool Sool says:

    Very nice pictures model so mach :)

  28. Ilija Milosavljevic says:

    That's what I call covers.

  29. Nikola Stojanovic says:

    wow.. druga i cetvrta (marlyn manson fazon ) x_x

  30. PR says:

    shalom and sui he. F Fantastic!

  31. Lucy Price says:

    love the diversity of styles, models and attitude.

  32. Dimitri Dimitracacos says:

    I love it………………

  33. Lucy Price says:

    there is no need to air brush since they all looks amazing here.

  34. ML McCarthy says:

    I-D Casting By URBAN PRODUCTIONS!!!!!!!!

  35. royy4 says:

    wow great hair and makeup!!

  36. David Schattke says:

    great covers… Vivienne so great as person.

  37. Nádia says:

    Love Daphne’s cover, so fresh!

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  38. Luiz Leite says:


  39. Lily says:

    Yet another comeback for Shalom it seems, good for her. Now someone bring back Nadja.

  40. Magdalena Adameczek says:

    daphne <3

  41. Irene Peña says:


  42. Barrio Dimitri says:

    These covers are all incredible! Striking, edgy and fierce! Love Karl Lagerfeld’s use of a bandage, since he’s always wearing sunglasses.


  43. Je Suis says:


  44. Je Suis says:

    Fantastic Lagerfeld!

  45. Frédérick Michaud says:


  46. Elise Jade D'Orazio says:

    I got to work with such amazing fellow artists on this shoot! Thanks again!

  47. Lya Martins says:

    Amazing set.

  48. Ludvik Herrera says:

    I am partial to Karl. However these are the most amazing people in the covers of i-D ever! Let’s collect them all!!

  49. mia says:

    S H A L O M. she is untouchable. the most graceful model EVER.

  50. Erik André says:

    Effortlessly over the top <3

  51. Sasaha Malikov says:

    fuck yeah!

  52. ZHANG says:

    very nice

  53. Hérbert says:

    Amazing Shalom Harlow and Carlyn Murphy

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