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Some girl named Kate – i-D

February 1st, 2013

i-D’s Kate Moss Covers Exclusive Launch

There can only be one! i-D salutes 20 years of the supermodel of the ages, Kate Moss, with 4 covers of the British beauty shot by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi, hair and concept by Luigi Murenu and styled by i-D fashion director, Charlotte Stockdale. Presented in ultra-glamorous fashion the industry’s ultimate muse radiates luxury, glamour and the mysterious aura that has made her a legend. The alphabetical issue, offers an A-Z on the looks of now and seeing Kate in the best of the spring/summer collections is simply enthralling. Experience the covers in our exclusive preview – only in MDX.

Hop on to on Monday to view the other three covers, the rest of the editorial and the Kate archives.

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Presenting: 25 Magazine – Issue 2

January 30th, 2013

Presenting: 25 Magazine – Issue 2

Following up on the launch of its premier issue, Anja Rubik‘s 25 Magazine is out with its second issue and stays true to its commitment to celebrating female beauty & sexuality and exceptional women. Who else better to introduce it than Ms. Rubik herself in her editor’s letter included below.

“I want to start by saying that working on 25 every day has changed my life. Of course taking on the role of Editor and meeting the rotating cast of contributors to the journal were new for me, and I was ready for that challenge and will be forever. What I was not ready for was the reaction to the last issue’s use of erotica. The unexpected backlash made me realize that our generation is more conservative than that of our parents. Basically, celebrating a woman’s body as having a sexuality instead of merely being sexual is viewed as wrong. The media operates on a paradox—it’s no secret—where selling the notion of unobtainable beauty is allowed, while portraits of women just being women are simultaneously shunned. However, I still want to continue pushing the boundaries of what a female fashion magazine can be.
“A woman is present” is the title of our second issue and it’s dedicated to women who have made a remarkable impact on our world today, breaking the glass ceiling in the fields of design, fashion, and art. Some have created their own successful brands from the ground up, and others are the head designers of major fashion houses. One such example is Marina Abramović. Throughout her career, she has walked The Great Wall, sat in museums for seven hundred and fifty hours, and scored manifestos. MoMA’s 2010 retrospective of her career has solidified her as one of the most remarkable artists of our time. Inside this issue, through letting us into her archives, she shares with us how erotica and how sexual energy lives within her work. Also in this issue is the iconic Michèle Lamy, best known as the muse to Rick Owens. Lamy agreed to give us a rare glimpse into the brand, including the elusive “Owen’s family,” the people who work with her in the fashion house. The crew are so much more than cogs in a wheel—they eat together, travel together, and are so close that it seems as if they even live together. It was an experience we won’t forget.
For me, starting this magazine has helped me channel the kind of sexual energy I find every woman to possess, and I’m thankful, because it’s opened my eyes to more experiences and the difference we can all make. The women celebrated in these pages have started an important conversation about variations of erotica, and have proven that sexual energy is the source of creation. Without it, where would we be? It’s not an easy question to answer, because the answer continues to be written. I hope we can be a part of it. Enjoy this issue.”

Anja Rubik

25 Magazine Teaser video by Santiago & Mauricio Sierra (Cadence New York)
Featuring Toni Garrn

Photographer: Camilla Akrans (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists), Stylist: Robert Rydberg, Talent: Frida Gustavsson, Make-Up: Ignacio Alonso, Hair: Ali Pirzadeh

Photographer: Lachlan Bailey (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists), Stylist: Sara Moonves, Talet: Isabeli Fontana, Make-Up: Benjamin Puckey, Hair: Dennis Lanni, Manicurist: Elisa Ferri

Photographer: Paola Kudacki, Stylist: Michel Philouze, Talent: Aline Weber, Greg at Request, Nicola at Request, Antonio at Fusion, Winston Layne, Make-Up: Sil Bruinsma, Hair: Shay Ashual, Prop Stylist: Manny Norena, Manicurist: Yuko

Photographer: Paola Kudacki, Stylist: Anna Schiffel, Talent: Laetitia Crahay, Make-Up: Serge Hodonou, Hair: Tomohiro

Michele Lamy photographed by Ward Ivan Rafik

Photographer: Alice Rosati, Stylist: Roberta Venturini, Talent: Susan Storck, Make-Up: Luciano Chiarello, Hair: Valentino Perini, Prop Stylist: Serena Groppo

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December 17th, 2012


Presenting an exclusive preview of Rad Hourani’s Unisex Anatomy for Exit Magazine

Our consciousness inhabits an ephemeral case with an expiry date. Thus, medicine and art throughout history have been primarily preoccupied with human anatomy. The role of doctors is to prolong our lives, and art elevates our consciousness. Neoplatonic artists elevate the spirit by dissecting human anatomy, representing the sublime. We find comfort in the illusion of what the maxim opus of our bodies could be in the same way a sonnet in poetry makes a tragedy bearable to our senses. Bodies become landscapes in which we escape the fragility of our human suffering and condition. In genesis, woman and man were separated into two genders. A piece of male anatomy was taken to create his female counterpart. The separation and function of genders has endured the test of time society. Aristotle dissected human bodies to discover the secret of life. Phideas sculpted flawless bodies by using the perfect attributes of each model to create his ideal of human anatomy. In renaissance, anatomy research articulated by Davinci’s Vitruvian Man, exemplified the relationship between geometry and the human proportions in architecture and painting.

In the 20th Century films dictated the codes of the quintessential body. In the 21st Century, it is Fashion who gives the codes of the Contemporary ideal of anatomy. The elongated bodies that appear on runway shows and on editorials have trickled down to celebrity and film culture to become seamless. Rad Hourani’s photographic and digital dissection of human anatomy juxtaposes genders to questions the separation and the illusion of social constructs that divide gender and race. He uses flawless filiform and athletic bodies for their evanescent qualities. For Rad Hourani their anatomical resemblance and majestic attributes allow us to see the divisions of gender and race as a mere illusion.

In 1504, Michelangelo’s David a majestic muscular mala sculpture which represented “pure” virility. Yet, the ideal of the female by the same master in the Sistene Chapel depiction of Sibyl, was inspired by the sketch of a male. Through a similar, yet deconstructed process, UNISEX ANATOMY, Rad Hourani digitally dissects the human body with medical precision to create sensual genderless compositions. Rad’s meta-question of the study of human anatomy came from a simple question: before garments there is body. It took him a year to understand human morphology, and by its deconstruction he reconstructed garments that unify both sexes and transcend age, race and religion. This is the essence of Rad Hourani’s search for purity in his own neo-platonic ideals. He pushed his study of anatomy as he was creating his first Couture collection, the level of complexity reflected his research. It has translated into the pictorial dissection of the body that is now UNISEX ANATOMY photography. They are genderless, the purity of the form takes the foreground of each composition. Rad Hourani’s nudes are skillfully and graphically positioned that we loose sight of the gender and give way to the landscape in which we are immersed when looking at them. We see light, shadow, movement, and a torso becomes genderless.

Each series conveys a different approach in search of the magnificence and balance of a harmonious language. He makes an incision to separate the faces and bodies that are immaculately symmetrical. Rad Hourani uses repetition in which all the parts of the canvas become unified while deconstructed pieces that create a new type of harmony. Yet, each face and body evokes a strong singularity, it is this artful combination between individuality and universality that is the new paradigm. In Rad Hourani’s neoplatonic representation of the nude, the dissection functions as a unifying force. He treats the body as a language.

The dynamism of a male body gives way to a tableaux in which some anatomical elements are readable, while others function as “trompe l’oeil” in which an arm may look like a leg. Rad Hourani’s ability to represent anatomy in geometrical forms create multiple readings, we are transfixed and we recompose the images as a viewer we can create new meanings. The repetition elongates the bodies and turn them into sinuous forms. The register of a male muscular body to a slender one speaks of the complexity of our understanding of beauty as he believes that these archetypes change from generation to generation. UNISEX ANATOMY is part illusion and statement that articulates a contemporary gaze and condition: a multiplicity of believes.

HAIR BY Kayla MiChele (Streeters New York) at Atelier Management using Bumble and bumble
Models : Koné at Red, Louis at Red, Salieu at Red, Nathalie at Elite, Tatiana at Fusion, Branko at Fusion, Duncan at Soul, Eian at Soul, Jae at Soul, Irina at Marilyn.





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Made in Brazil #6

December 3rd, 2012 Presents: Made in Brazil #6

It’s that time of year again, just as the winter chill sweeps over and the world seems a little gloomier, Made in Brazil appears to provide a much needed respite, filled with beauty and sex appeal. Issue No. 6 marks a series of firsts for MIB, most notably the tanned and toned presence of its first female, the incomparable Alessandra Ambrosio who more than lives up to her supermodel status in stunning shots by Stewart Shinning.

Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of shirtless, sensual masculine beauties to admire either in the exclusive video by Luca Finotti or inside the magazine, where you’ll see Rodrigo Calazans, Luiz Alfonso and twins Luis & Lucas all looking resplendent. Don’t take our word for it of course, experience a glimpse of the full Made in Brazil bounty for yourself in this exclusive MDX first look; let the heat wash over you and try your best not to break into a sweat.

Cover story:
with Caio, Diego, Pedro & Bruce
Photography Stewart Shining
Stylist Christian Stroble

Fred, Josué & Emanuel
Photography Cristiano Madureira
Stylist Flavia Pommianosky
Headpieces Davi Ramos

Photography Marcio Simnch
Stylist Heleno Manoel


Directed by Luca Finotti

All clothes are custom made by THE BLONDS

Starring Andre Ziehe
Soundtrack by Stefano Fontana
Styling by Beverly Osemwenkhae
Stylist assistant Whitney Espejo
Edited by Matteo Grossi
Dp Damien Krisl
Producer Sebastian Pollin
2nd producer Nick Lacy
Gaffers Yosuke Hosoi & Angelica Iris
Graphic designer Marco Crema

Leonard, Fabricio & Samyr
Photography Hugo Toni
Illustration André Azevedo

Photography Cristiano Madureira

Luis & Lucas
Photography Cristiano Madureira

Buy your copy of Made in Brazil #6 here

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i-D 322 – Lara + Laetitia by Daniele & Iango

November 19th, 2012

i-D Magazine‘s Wise up issue exclusive preview: Lara + Laetitia

Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi’s larger than life images of supermodels for i-D were a stunning tribute to the beauty of fashion’s most epic beauties, and the saga of the series conceptualized by legendary hair stylist Luigi Murenu continues with two more legendary names captured in sleek style. The queens of curvature, Laetitia Casta and Lara Stone, feature in Daniele and Iango’s latest images, their sumptuous beauty a feast for the eyes. Brace yourself for something special and get an exclusive first look at the covers – only in MDX.

i-D Magazine #322 / The Wise up issue will be out on newsstands later this week.
Catch more of i-D’s Wise up issue at

Models Lara Stone and Laetitia Casta at IMG

Photography Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi
Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale
Concept Luigi Murenu
Hair Luigi Murenu using John Frieda
Make-up Stephane Marais at L’Atelier

Laetitia wears jacket Alexander McQueen spring/summer 12. Body jewelry Erickson Beamon. Stockings Virginia’s Vintage. Knickers and camisole Harlette. Gloves Deborah Woolf Vintage. Bracelet Tom Ford.

Laetitia wears dress Christian Dior Haute Couture spring/summer 12. Gloves Steph Aman. Stockings Deborah Wolf. Bracelet Jade Chiu.

Laetitia wears jumpsuit Chanel. Bra Bordelle. Necklace David Morris. Flowers Legeron.

Laetitia wears top Fendi. Bra Angels Vintage. Garter Harlette. Necklaces Laura Lee. Stockings Virginia’s Vintage. Flower Basia Zarzycka. Gloves Masha Ma. Rings Ruth Tomlinson. Shoes Rellik Vintage.

Laetitia wears dress Gucci. Bra Damaris. Stockings Deborah Wolf Vintage. Necklace Lanvin. Rings Ruth Tomlinson. Flower Legeron.

Lara wears gown Agent Provocateur. Necklaces Laura Lee. Bracelet and fingertip Cornelia Webb.

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Dazed #Fantasia – Guest edited by Nicola Formichetti

November 15th, 2012

Dazed & Confused – #Fantasia – Guest edited by Nicola Formichetti

Dazed goes global with their latest issue, a tribute to the Asia’s tastemakers and trendsetters playfully titled, Fantasia. Led by guest editor Nicola Formichetti and featuring some of the most interesting up and coming talents to emerge on the Asian scene, the magazine offers a thrilling introduction to Asia’s new wave. From pop-culture sensation Angelababy and upstart blogger Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, to top model Liu Wen, these are the influencers and attention getters to watch. As always, fashion is at the forefront with Formichetti’s Nicopanda line and its eclectic look are on full display within the issue as well as a taste of Dior Couture and the colorful eccentric looks taken straight from the streets. Experience it all in our exclusive preview – only in MDX

The Dazed & Confused December issue will be on newsstands this week.
View more at

Photography by Matt Irwin
Styling by Nicola Formichetti
Videos by Cycy Sanders

JAPAN // Portfolio

CHINA // Portfolio

BAJOWOO, TOKYO – Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, the now Tokyo-based Bajowoo is the designer behind the label 99%is–

KIKO MIZUHARA, TOKYO – Kiko Mizuhara is a half-American, half-Korean model and actress


ALFRED NG, HONG KONG – Tattoo artist

STINGER WONG, HONG KONG – Brand specialist Lane Crawford

YOON, TOKYO – Yoon is a multi-talented creator. Art direction, styling, jewellery design, graphic design, DJing – she does it all.

MAdeMOISeLLe YULIA, TOKYO – The most influential female DJ in Japan

HILARY TSUI, HONG KONG – The co-founder of Hong Kong style-haven LIGER, on Stubbs Road

NICO FOLIO | PHOTOGRAPHY Matt Irwin / STYLING Nicola Formichetti

CHINA // Angela Baby

JAPAN // Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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The Room 16 – Exclusive preview

October 17th, 2012

The Room 16 – Exclusive preview

Fashion content is at its most impressive when it has a distinctive point of view and no magazine on the block has a more original and inventive perspective than The Room. The Hungarian biannual never fails to impress and for its latest issue the content goes above and beyond. With a focus on the inspiring force of cinema and it’s under the radar creators, the issue introduces readers to a host of new talents. Among them, director Cristian Mungiu, actress Rachel Korine and special effects makeup artist Ivan Poharnok.

Of course, film isn’t the only art form on display; compelling looks at fashion’s elite are a big part of this issue’s appeal. Pulitzer prize winning fashion writer Robin Givhan is interviewed in a wonderful piece, that gives insight into the nature of fashion criticism. Model Aline Weber graces the cover and is featured in a compelling story by Marton Perlaki. Legendary Helmut Newton and Lindbergh muse, Cordula Reyer reemerges in a beautiful black and white story and there is so much more inside. Take a look at our exclusive preview of The Room’s latest issue – only in MDX.

Text by Janelle Okwodu

Cover Photo by Marton Perlaki at Quadriga
Fashion Editor: Ali Toth & Aniko Virag
Make up: Robert Greene (See Management)
Hair: Tamás Tüzes at L’Atelier NYC
Model: Aline Weber at Next NYC

The Room magazine’s issue 16 appears across Europe and in New York on October 19.

For more information please check out:

Photo: Marton Perlaki at Quadriga | Fashion Editor: Ali Toth & Aniko Virag | Make up: Robert Greene (See Management) | Hair: Tamás Tüzes at L’Atelier NYC | Model: Aline Weber at Next NYC

Photo: Branislav Jankic | Fashion Editor: Gro Curtis | Make up: Sasa Jokovic | Hair: Massimo Gamba at Atomo | Model: Cordula Reyer at d’management group



Photo: Arnaud Lajeunie | Fashion Editor: Benoit Bethume | Make up: Tiziana Raimondo at Airport | Hair: Jérome Cultrera at Calliste | Model: Patrycja Gardygajlo at Next


Photo: Charlie Engman | Fashion Editor: Tracey Nicholson at Streeters | Make up: Robert Greene (See Management) | Hair: Kunio Kohzaki (See Management) | Model: Kathleen Engman

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Patrick and Victor Demarchelier’s What’s Contemporary

October 5th, 2012

What’s Contemporary by Patrick and Victor Demarchelier

Timeless is a word we all use, and one we often bear in mind with focused intention when creating images today. Despite the ubiquity of the concept of timelessness, to successfully achieve such magic is a feat very few can accomplish, much less accomplish time after time. The name Demarchelier hangs like an iconic banner of such imagery over the pages of countless magazines and endless advertising campaigns today and through decades past. As contemporary is frequently defined as ‘A person or thing living or existing at the same time as another,’ we thought it would be an incredible concept to invite the Demarcheliers of two different generations to present together their idea of contemporary as it exists in our time. Rather than interpret the same subject from contrasting generational points of view, Patrick and Victor found it more interesting to come together and create images that, for them, represent a timeless and classic aesthetic that has always been, and will forever be, contemporary. Selecting six of the most stunning models of our time as their subject matter, they have successfully created the most epic moment ever created for an online platform, proving that the quality of content is in no way dependent on the platform through which it is experienced.
Epic, timeless and classic, ContemporaryIS Patrick & Victor Demarchelier.


Photography Patrick Demarchelier
Photography Victor Demarchelier (Paris/New York: Management + Artists)
Stylist William Graper
Editor Christopher Michael / What’s Contemporary
Introduction and Q&A by Christopher Michael
Hair Teddy Charles @ Art & Commerce
Makeup Fulvia Farolfi @ Bryan Bantry
Stylist assistants: Mollie Maguire, Mel Eligon


Sigrid Agren @ Ford
Toni Garrn @ Women
Frida Gustavsson @IMG
Constance Jablonski @ Marilyn
Jac Jagaciak @ IMG
Liu Wen @ Marilyn

Q&A with Patrick and Victor Demarchelier

In response to the question of What’s Contemporary, you and Patrick chose to create these images together rather than run your separate perspectives of the same subject in a parallel contrast. How did you come to the decision to do it this way?

PD: We love to work together.

VD: I thought it would be fun to work together on this. We are both contemporary, and I wanted to show that, with the generation gap, we could still create images that appealed to both of us.

You were both very specific about the casting on this. What was it about these girls in particular that you held to be so contemporary and accurate as a response for this subject?

PD: I like them all. These are interesting girls we work with regularly.

VD: We wanted to shoot the sexiest and most beautiful girls around.

So many people feel the pressure to create new ideas with each and every passing year, yet you guys chose to create images of a timeless nature. Why?

PD: We don’t feel the pressure. We like to work in an instinctive way.

VD: I find most ideas for shoots terribly repetitive and vain. A beautiful girl shot in a beautiful light never gets old. Fashion is always changing, but I don’t think that our idea of beauty is changing as quickly. Fashion is always changing, but beauty is timeless.

How important is the role of the fashion in your pictures?

PD: We work in fashion, so, of course, the fashion is important, but the team you work with and everyone around you is equally important.

VD: Fashion is essential to our work. You cannot make a pretty picture with ugly fashion, but it’s the people who wear these clothes that make them especially interesting.

This is not the first project you have worked on together. Do you often get requested to work on projects together?

VD: Sometimes, but we prefer to work together on our own terms.

This timeless Demarchelier aesthetic is one that stands not only the test of time, but also equally challenges the common imagery of today the same way it has in years past. What do you think makes a photograph timeless?

PD: Style comes naturally. When I work, I don’t think about my style, just about the pictures I am taking.

VD: You cannot create a style. Your style, what you like, is who you are. I think the best quality a work of art can have is timelessness. I think there is an ease to our style — a natural, organic process that defines us.

Not to over-intellectualize or demystify these incredible images, but what lead to the choice of nudity for this series?

VD: We wanted the focus to be on our idea of beauty. Keeping the girls as natural as possible — minimal hair, makeup and styling was important to the process.

PD: I wanted to let the girls express themselves and not have the clothes take over.

Discussing the subject of contemporary, both as it is in culture, but more specifically to fashion, it seems that many are deferring back to wanting to create content of a timeless nature, in an effort to avoid the commonly used current aesthetic that will no doubt be recognizably of this time in years to come, and much more ‘throw away.’ In theory, this is great. However, not everyone is able to create this kind of image. From the point of view of photographers, what do you think about the direction and nature of fashion imagery most commonly created today?

PD: There is no “style” today. Everyone has a different style.

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Exclusive Preview: Dazed & Confused – Fade Into You

September 29th, 2012

Dazed & Confused – Fade into you by Pierre Debusschere presents an exclusive preview of FADE INTO YOU, a fashion film and editorial spread by Pierre Debusschere with styling from Dazed Senior Fashion Editor Robbie Spencer, for Dazed & Confused.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO Pierre Debusschere
STYLING Robbie Spencer
FLORALS Mark Colle

Hair Karin Bigler at D + V using SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL
Make-up Adrien Pinault (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) using
Nails Sabine Peeters
Casting: Noah Shelley for AM Casting

Model Zuzanna Bijoch at Next

tulle veil and jacquard dress by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD GOLD LABEL; dress worn embellished underneath by MARIOS SCHWAB using Swarovski elements

bodice and knickers by DOLCE & GABBANA

dress and shoes by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN


dress and coat by JIL SANDER

all clothing by MARC JACOBS; socks by FALKE

all clothing by COMME DES GARCONS; socks by FALKE

NINA RICCI; shoes by Valentino

dress by GUCCI; shoes by Lanvin

skirt, hat and boots by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD GOLD LABEL; customised top stylist’s own

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Self Service n°37 guest-edited by Charlotte Casiraghi

September 24th, 2012

self service n°37 guest-edited by Charlotte Casiraghi – Teaser preview presents an exclusive teaser of Self Service n°37 guest-edited by Charlotte Casiraghi

Cover images:
Charlotte Casiraghi photographed by Mario Sorrenti
Styling by Suzanne Koller
Hair by Jimmy Paul
Makeup by Aaron de Mey

Photos courtesy of Self Service for

Karlie Kloss photographed and styled by Venetia Scott | Hair by Sebastien Richard | Makeup by Sharon Dowsett

Lara Stone photographed by Alasdair McLellan | Styling by Suzanne Koller | Hair by Anthony Turner | Makeup by Lucia Pica

Hilary Rhoda, Malgosia Bela, Sigrid Agren, Daphne Groeneveld photographed by Ezra Petronio | Styling by Suzanne Koller | Hair by Sebastien Richard | Makeup by Marion Robine

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i-D’s Role Models by Luigi Murenu & Daniele + Iango

September 18th, 2012 presents an exclusive preview: i-D’s Role Model issue by Luigi Murenu & Daniele + Iango

The icons, the legends, the crème de la crème, the greatest of all time – the SUPERMODELS. Looking better than ever on brand new i-D covers conceptualized by Luigi Murenu and photographed by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi – what more could you possible ask for? Linda, Stephanie, Gisele, Kristen, Karen, Amber, Guinevere, Isabeli and Natasha – ooh la la! Did we mention the epic hair looks from Luigi Murenu, the over the top fashions, the all out glamour of it all – it is almost too much, but we think you can handle it. Take a look at this exclusive preview of i-D’s Role Models issue – only in MDX.

With a special interview of Luigi Murenu, the legendary hairdresser on speed dial to the supermodels and the mastermind behind the luscious locks in i-D’s Role models shoot.

Photography Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi
Concept Luigi Murenu
Styling Patti Wilson
Hair Luigi Murenu for John Frieda
Make-up: Stephane Marais at l’atelier
Make-up (Karen, Isabeli, Natasha, Guinevere, Amber): Hannah Murray at Art+Commerce

Special thanks to Robin Jaffe, David Bonnouvrier, Ivan Bart, Louie Chaban, Didier Fernandez, John Gnerre, Anne Nelson.

Linda Evangelista @ DNA| Cover: Linda wears jacket Alexander Wang. Corset Kunza. Hair John Frieda® Frizz-Ease® Moisture Barrier Hair Spray. | Photo 1: Bodysuit Dior Haute Couture autumn/winter 09. Corset Kunza. Stockings Stockingirl. Shoes Sergio Rossi. | Photo 2: Jacket Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière. Corset Dior Haute Couture autumn/winter 09. | Photo 3: Dress Dior Haute Couture autumn/winter 05. Girdle skirt Dior Haute Couture autumn/winter 09. Gauntlets I.D Sarrieri.

Stephanie Seymour @ IMG | Cover: Stephanie wears dress Versace. Hair John Frieda® Luxurious Volume Blow-Dry Lotion. | Photo 1: Dress Emilio Pucci. Shoes Walter Steiger. | Photo 2: Corset Lovesick. | Photo 3: Corset Lovesick.

Karen Elson @ Elite New York | Cover: Karen wears Dress Lanvin. Hair John Frieda® Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher. | Photo 1: Dress Ralph Lauren. Slip Christian Dior. Corset Rosamosario. Gloves Gasper. | Photo 2: Dress Comme des Garçons. Shoes United Nude for Iris van Herpen. Hair John Frieda® Radiant Red Colour Magnifying Shampoo. | Photo 3: All clothing and boots Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and veil Jennifer Bahr

Kristen McMenamy @ DNA | Cover: Kristen wears jacket and brooch Chanel. Fragrance Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. | Photo 1: Dress Alexander McQueen. Chest pieces Moutoncollet. | Photo 2: Cape Alexander McQueen. Dress Neil Barrett. Stocking belt Lascivious. Stockings Stockingirl. Hair John Frieda® Sleek Finish Hair Straighteners. | Photo 3: Coat, skirt, and hat John Galliano spring/summer 03. Stockings Stockingirl.

Guinevere @ Women | Cover: Guinevere wears blouse No.21. Corset vintage Aris. Hair John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo. John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Highlight Activating Conditioner. | Photo 1: Guinevere wears dress VPL. Body and collar Logan Neitzel. Corset Aris vintage. | Photo 2: Top Ter et Bantine. Arm bands VPL. Hair John Frieda® Sheer BlondeTM Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner. | Photo 3: Coat Jil Sander. Girdle lisa’s Vintage Lingerie. Stockings Stockingirl.

Isabeli Fontana @ Women | Cover + Photo 1: Isabeli wears chest piece Katarzyna Konieczka. Hair John Frieda® Precision Foam Deep Natural Brown. Photo 2: Dress Dior autumn/winter 05. Gloves LaCrasia. Hair John Frieda® Full RepairTM Full Body Shampoo. | Photo 3: Bodysuit Bordelle. Belt Yves Saint Laurent by Stefano Pilati. Stockings Stockingirl. Headpiece Dior Haute Couture. Hair John Frieda® Frizz-Ease® 3 Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray.

Natasha Poly @ Women | Cover: Natasha wears dress, scarf and gloves Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Veil Jennifer Behr. | Photo 1: Coat Ralph Lauren. | Photo 2: Chest and arm brace Sullivan Walsh. Skirt Dior autumn/winter 2009. Knickers Calvin Klein. | Photo 3: Coat Sonia Rykiel. Corset Katarzyna Konieczka. Knickers Calvin Klein. Garter belt Lascivious. Stockings Stockingirl.

Amber Valletta @ DNA | Cover: Amber wears fragrance Florabotanica by Balenciaga. | Photo 1: Slip Jean Paul Gaultier. Robe New York Vintage. Knickers Maison Close. Stockings Stockingirl. Hair John Frieda® Frizz-Ease® Moisture Barrier Hairspray. | Photo 2: Dress Ralph Lauren. | Photo 3: Camisole and slip Francesco Scognamiglio. Kimono Jenny Packham. Garter belt Lascivious. Stockings Stockingirl. Hair John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner.

Gisele Bundchen @ IMG | Photo 1: Gisele wears fragrance Chloé Eau de Parfum. Hair John Frieda® Loose Curls Ionic Styling Tong. | Photo 2: Dress Dior Haute Couture autumn/winter 08. Bra Josie. Knickers Maison Close. Body-piece Johanna O’Hagan. | Photo 3: Dress Versace autumn/winter 92.

To be irreplaceable, you must always be different

Text Anders Christian Madsen for i-D

Luigi Murenu is the legendary hairdresser on speed dial to the supermodels; on first name terms with the hollywood stars and the mastermind behind the luscious locks in i-D’s Role models shoot.

As one of the most lauded hairstylists in the world, Luigi Murenu knows his models. With a career spanning over 20 years, he has seen them come and go. Those who’ve remained on top have become his trusted colleagues, muses and friends. Over a multi-instalment production, Luigi created hairstyles for nine of the world’s biggest models, each handpicked as the ultimate super-role-models by the legendary coiffeur, visionary photographers Daniele + Iango, and stylist Patti Wilson. “These women stand for the dreams of everyone,” Luigi tells i-D over the telephone from his New York studio. “They stand for freedom and a certain security. I have to say, in a very longtime I never experienced such enormous greatness as from these girls. From the moment they walked into the studio, they were like, ‘What can we do? We want to do something amazing!’ No one was jaded. Everyone who was there had to perform and give their best. They were like actresses,” he says, his voice loaded with great affection and an infectious, childlike awe.

“The girls in this story stand for the dreams of everyone. They represent freedom and security. Elegance comes with knowledge and maturity, not with age.”

“Kristen McMenamy said, ‘Let’s do another story!’ Amber Valletta felt emotional when she had to leave. Natasha Poly didn’t want to leave because she loved her character so much. Stephanie Seymour was supposed to work until 7 o’clock. She stayed until 10. I cannot put into words the energy I experienced with all these amazing models, photographers, stylists and make-up artists. Too many and different emotions,” he continues. Exploring the concept of elegance was the starting point of a story that began as a three-model trilogy, but soon turned into one of the biggest undertakings of Murenu’s career. “We had a lot of talks about the type of women we like, and why we like them – what we wanted to portray with them. We were thinking about how elegance comes with knowledge and maturity. Not necessarily with age, but with experience. These are very iconic women, each for their own reason.” The result was a call sheet of stars not dissimilar to the cast list for George Michael’s Freedom video, or the rap towards the end of Larry Tee’s Supermodels Inc. Pull a name out for Murenu, and he’ll hit you back like a machine gun of superlatives. Gisele Bündchen: “The epitome of an icon. She is what everybody wants to be like and look like today.” Karen Elson: “A dream. She has this British elegance, which is very evocative and cool at the same time. In the pictures she reminds me of a bird flying in the desert.” Guinevere van Seenus: “A canvas for photographers and make-up artists. She’s unique in the way she stands out from other women. Her body is rounder, soft and beautiful, and she has this sensitive feeling.” Isabeli Fontana: “One of the most beautiful women in the world. I mean, that’s for sure.” Natasha Poly: “She’s one of my dearest friends, and she is the personification of generosity and professionality. She knows exactly how to pose and what to give the photographer.” Kristen McMenamy: “She is haute couture elegance. She’s very strong and she really gets into the part. She’s explosive.” Rather refreshingly for a gentleman of his calibre, Murenu isn’t one to downplay his excitement over the stars in question. “Stephanie Seymour…” he says, taking a sharp intake of breath before pausing dramatically. “There’s no one like Stephanie. She walks into a room and she picks up the light. She’s been a muse to me for a very long time, so I thought it was great to bring in such an iconic figure.” When it came to shooting Amber Valetta, they asked her to perform and not to model. “We wanted a story where Amber was a woman captured inside her own world, but she really loved this man who is portrayed by Sean O’Pry, and she totally nailed it!” Luigi explains. “If you think of the epitome of elegance, there’s a lot of couture and stardom. We thought Linda Evangelista was a great character for us to get that interpretation. Linda, she is a perfectionist and she loves her work like nobody else and she is an electromagnetic cameleon! She also has a little bit of a sensual beauty and masculine attitude, which is very strong,” he continues with sheer Italiano fervour. Next to Seymour McMenamy and Valetta, Evangelista is the only model out of the nine whose career reaches further back into the fashion annals than Murenu’s own.

“Being a role model is also showing people that you’re capable of multitasking. Most of them are mothers. It’s no longer popular to have one job or one identity. Today there are no rules anymore. You can be a mother and the same time a designer and an actress. Photographers can be stylists and have a sense of art direction.”

Raised in Sardinia in the 70s, his mother a nurse and his father the chief of transport on the island, Murenu wanted to become a dancer. But when his parents were unable to pay for dance courses, he sought out a new path. “I knew that to create an identity for myself I had to leave Sardinia. I wanted to become a hairdresser. I loved my parents, but I knew I had to go. It was very difficult for me, because I don’t think they understand the type of fashion that I do. They understand my life because they love me, but they don’t know what a catwalk is. They never went to a fashion show, not even in Milan,” Luigi says. “They come from another time. So I said to myself, ‘I’ll go to Paris,’ because that was where the fashion shows were,” he laughs. Murenu worked at some of the most famous salons in Paris before transitioning into fashion, which soon brought him to London and New York, and into the company of photographers such as Steven Klein, Richard Avedon, and Craig McDean, who shot the first i-D cover Murenu worked on. “I think there were two covers, one with Amber Valletta and one with Carolyn Murphy. I didn’t count but I think by now, I have more than 30 covers for i-D.” In the early 90s, Murenu’s editorial work caught the attention of Madonna, who booked him to do her hair for an appearance on Top of the Pops. “I did her hair in fifteen minutes and she loved that. She said, ‘I like this guy.’ We clicked. We come from the same background and we’ve both had to fight for our careers. We came from nothing.” The meeting was the beginning of a long-standing collaboration and friendship between the two, perhaps highlighted most famously by Murenu’s creation of Madonna’s so-called ‘Fallen Angel’ look for her Ray of Light video. “She’s a role model. I was talking to all the models, and all of them adore Madonna and have such huge respect for her. Certainly for me the most inspiring artist in music , I have to take off my hat,” Luigi says. “Maybe now, she’s also a role model for a new group of young people, who will look at her and say, ‘Look at this woman who came from nothing and became the most famous pop icon of the last 30 years.’ She’s the Queen of Pop. She’s fun and a hard worker. I love her. She’s one of my best friends, so I can only say beautiful things about her.” Having spent his life surrounded by the beauties of the world, you can forgive Murenu if beauty is a recurring component in his vocabulary. But it is an appreciation, which shouldn’t be mistaken for superficiality. Luigi revisits his cast list. “They’re not just models because they’re beautiful. They are the biggest workers ever. They work their asses off to stay at number one. And if you think about Amber, she’s not only a model, she’s a humanitarian, which I think is the biggest place to be a role model. She’s politically involved and outspoken,” he says. “Being a role model is also showing people that you’re capable of multitasking. Most of them are mothers. It’s no longer popular to have one job or one identity. Today there are no rules anymore. You can be a mother and the same time a designer and an actress. Photographers can be stylists and have a sense of art direction. There’s a role model for everyone to take from this shoot,” he says. Throughout his career, Murenu himself has made a point of working with young talent – such as Daniele + Iango – next to the old guard of fashion photographers, with whom he’s collaborated for decades. “I think I’m one of the very few people, who really helps to move things around to help young photographers have a say, and become a voice. I’m very proud of that. I work really hard to do that. That’s why I love to work for i-D. It’s such a democratic magazine. Terry and Tricia Jones give support to young people, and help them find their identity.” Ask Murenu about his role models in the industry, and you’d need another couple of pages to fit them in. “My official answer to your question is that people who inspire me the most are those who are able to give me something that I can keep and translate in the future,” he says. When posed with the question of who has been his biggest role model in life, Murenu comes to a halt. “Oh god – do you always ask such difficult questions? The biggest you ask me?” Luigi pauses, takes a deep breath. “My biggest role model is my mother.”

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25 / Eniko X

September 8th, 2012

25 Exclusive short film: X

25 Magazine has never shied away from showcasing female sensuality in all its glory and with their latest film, the magazine ups the ante. Eniko Mihalik bares body and soul in X by Jason Last & Jaime Rubiano, a sexy and artistic take on the body beautiful: experience it first in our exclusive preview – only in MDX.

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CR Fashion Book Preview

September 7th, 2012

CR Fashion Book Preview

CR Fashion Book is arguably the most talked about, tweeted about, gossiped about and obsessed over magazine ever to hit newsstands. Carine Roitfeld’s new publication proves that fashion’s most audacious editor hasn’t lost her touch and the mega-glossy debuts with enough editorial eye-candy to sate even the most rabid fashion fanatic. In this exclusive preview, Jean-Baptiste Mondino shoots modeling’s new generation of stars for a fetching showcase for the season’s most daring pieces.

Photos: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Makeup: Gemma Smith-Edhouse
Hair: Marc Lopez

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Vogue Hommes Japan – The Bonus GIF Post

September 7th, 2012

Vogue Hommes Japan – The Bonus GIF Post

A gif is worth a thousand words and Vogue Hommes Japan has enlisted the always inventive fashgif to take things to the next level with a humorous spin on editorial imagery. Watch as male model tattoos migrate across their bodies and polka-dots take on a life of their own – don’t worry your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. A gentleman’s club vision by Matt Irwin and a combat ready Damien Blottiere video round up what has been the most feature-packed MDX exclusive preview ever (with a special thanks to Nicola Formichetti). Experience Day 4 of our Vogue Hommes Japan preview – only in MDX.

Styling: Nicola Formichetti
Photo: Nicola Formichetti
Make-up: Maki Ryoke (Tim Howard Management)
Make-up assistant: Faye Lauren (Tim Howard Management)
Hair: Cash Lawless (Magnet Agency)
Models: Graham Reese (RED), Jarrod Scott (FORD), Mikkel Jensen (SOUL), Sung Jin (WILHELMINA)
Styling assistants: Hayley Pisaturo, Victor Cordero, Prince Franco
Photo assistant: Jessy Price, Dean Dodos
Casting: Sophie Ruthensteiner
GIF animations by fashgif

Gathering for Combat video by Damien Blottiere

Gentelman’s Club by Matt Irwin
Styling by Shun Watanabe

Also see the Vogue Hommes Japan preview part 1, part 2 and part 3.



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Patti Wilson’s What’s Contemporary

September 6th, 2012

Patti Wilson’s What’s Contemporary

The worlds of fashion and art have always complimented each other, but what happens when those worlds collide? What’s Contemporary, the web’s ongoing dialogue with the influential and innovative creators behind the scenes, enlists legendary stylist Patti Wilson & boundary pushing music group The Black Soft to find out.

ContemporaryIS represents the 1st anniversary of What’s Contemporary and a rethinking of just what fashion can do. Led by What’s Contemporary editor in chief, Christopher Michael, Wilson & The Black Soft produced a series of images that reinterpret key runway looks by incorporating them into unique drawings. Look closely and you’ll see an appealing melange of humor, artistry and statement making fashion.

“I really liked the idea of doing something else with the fashion, not to just put the clothes on a body in a regular way, but to show the pieces in a different context. The art meeting the fashion in a way where the result is something completely new, rather than just the sum of both parts.” – Patti Wilson

“There are many different ways of being “contemporary” and in this collaboration, we were able to take Patti’s notorious contemporary sense of style and use it to inspire the creation of the perfect characters for these current designs.” – The Black Soft




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Vogue Hommes Japan – Preview Day 3

September 6th, 2012

Vogue Hommes Japan – Day 3

Fashion comes alive in Santiago and Mauricio’s animated take on menswear’s trends as styled by Shun Watanabe. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if your editorials could take on a life of their own, this is your lucky day! Experience it all in Day 3 of our exclusive preview of Vogue Hommes Japan – only in MDX.

Photography and animation by Santiago & Mauricio Sierra
Style by Shun Watanabe
Hair by Diego Da Silva

See Day 1 of the Vogue Hommes Japan preview here
See Day 2 of the Vogue Hommes Japan preview here


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Vogue Hommes Japan – Preview Day 2

September 4th, 2012

Vogue Hommes Japan – Day 2

Vogue Hommes Japan’s digital revolution continues, with an explosive new story by Tim Richardson that combines photography and film in an expressive homage to the late artist, Francis Bacon. Styled by Nicola Formichetti and featuring three of the moment’s most exciting male faces, Richardson’s imagery is an unexpected and daring take on Bacon’s legacy. View it all in Day 2 of our Vogue Hommes Japan MDX preview.

Hair Cash Lawless using Oribe at The Magnet Agency
Makeup Kristin Gallegos at CLM
Models Joe Collier at NY Model Management, Mikkel Jensen at Soul Artist Management and Otto Pierce at Red NY
Dancers Austin Goodwin and Paul Zivkovich
Casting Sophie Ruthensteiner
Special thanks to Pier 59 Studios

See Day 1 of the Vogue Hommes Japan preview here

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Vogue Hommes Japan – Preview Day 1

September 3rd, 2012

Vogue Hommes Japan

Vogue Hommes Japan is always one step ahead! The cutting edge glossy remains one of fashion’s most elegant and relevant publications, with a chic mix of unexpected content. Preview the latest issue’s exploration of digital vs. analogue in day 1 of this MDX exclusive, featuring the cover story photographed by Hedi Slimane, styled by Nicola Formichetti and accompanied by a very special guest artist’s illustrations: Grimes.

Photography by Hedi Slimane
Style by Nicola Formichetti
Artwork by Grimes
Model Gryphon O’shea and James Magnum

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