Question: What photos should I use?

Here are some guidelines to help you make the most of our services: You should have at least 3 photos, having more photos is recommended.


  • Photo 1: A close-up face shot: your portrait, your face should fill most of the frame of the photo.
  • Photo 2: A three quarters to the waist up
  • Photo 3: A full-length picture with tight/form fitting clothes that defines your body shape


  • Light make up or no make up
  • A simple hair style
  • Preferably no smile in at least two out of three pictures
  • No accessories like hats, glasses or anything that will distract from seeing you
  • Be alone in the picture
  • Make sure the photos are not blurry, we need to be able to see you well.


You can have the pictures shot either indoors (with a flash), or outdoors (natural light is great) but whichever you choose, make sure the photographs are neither overexposed nor too dark.The lighting should be evenly lit to reveal details like bone structure and skin quality. Extreme shadows or highlights can hide features that scouts need to properly evaluate you. Note that shooting in direct (mid-day) sun can be tricky; you can often get the best results by shooting in the morning or late afternoons. The best background is a white or neutral wall. Otherwise, keep it uncluttered. The eye should be drawn to you, not the puppy in your arms or the girlfriend holding your hand! The subject (YOU) should fill most of the frame of the photograph. Even for the body shot, have the picture shot as tight as possible, so your head is at the top of the picture, your feet are at the bottom.

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