Question: What are the modeling markets and categories? What is fashion or editorial vs. commercial or print modeling?

There are six main categories:

All categories are open to both men and women.

The commercial market hires regular looking people for advertising jobs such as traveling companies or toothpaste ad. The real people category also sometimes includes commercial modeling and is for ordinary every-day looking people.

The editorial market is the most select category. It employs supermodels such as Kate Moss or Claudia Schiffer. It has strict recruitment criteria: a girl should be at least 5'8 or 5'9 and weight approximately no more than 125 pounds (depending on height).

The fitness category hires athlete type models.

Modeling is very competitive and not easy to break into. Before you sign up, you should also make sure you read the requirements. While there can be exceptions if you are not within the usual height and size models are expected to be, your chances of success will be very limited.

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