Question: How long will it take before I get contacted by an agency through

It depends on a number of factors, some members get contacted after a few days, others several months after joining. Keep in mind we cannot guarantee that you will get contacted, in the end it is up to the professionals and agencies using to decide who they want to contact. But there are many things you can do to improve your chances:

After you create your portfolio our member support team will assist you in telling you what to change and how to improve your photos. Once your portfolio is finalized, it is inserted in our database of portfolios, which is searched by the Participating Agencies. You will also be listed in our Open Search where other members including photographers and modeling professionals can contact you (listing in the Open Search is optional.)

When your portfolio is searched by the Participating Agencies, depending on your profile and on the agents who review your portfolio, it could take as little as a week or up to a couple of months for you to get contacted.

Before you sign up, you should also make sure you read the requirements, while there can be exceptions if you are not within the usual height and size models are expected to be, your chances of success will be very limited.

Keep in mind trends and fashion are always changing, so if you don't get contacted at first, an agent could still sign you up later, after having previously rejected you.

We are constantly recruiting new agencies all over the world to scout our members. We provide you with a continuous opportunity, not just a one time shot. You can improve and update your portfolio photos throughout the length of your membership and learn the ropes of the business from our exclusive interviews and chats to increase your chances of success. is the easiest and most affordable way to be exposed to the list of Participating Agencies while providing you with on going support, advice, and tips.

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