Question: Why should I use Can't I just mail my photos to agencies? allows you to increase your chances of success and saves you time and money.

Sending your photos or visiting agencies near you in person is always recommended, but not always practical. By posting your pictures on you are accessing a large number of top modeling agencies that are located all over the world. Our system matches you to the right type of agency looking for your profile of model.

In addition, all Participating Agencies on are reputable agencies with a proven track record. When you are contacted by a Participating Agency through, you know it is an established agency that can provide you with legitimate modeling jobs. But keep in mind being represented by a modeling agency does not mean you are guaranteed to get modeling work. The modeling business is very competitive and can be hard to break into, make sure you read about the requirements before deciding if you want to invest any significant time and money into it.

Agencies receive hundreds of submissions a day at their office. Submitting your pictures through is a more efficient and safer way to reach the right people while saving time and money. No Other Web site is officially used by so many of the top modeling agencies in the world.

Your portfolio will also be listed on our Open Search giving you exposure on the most visited professional modeling web site in the world. receives over 1 million visitors per month and is used by a lot of professionals including agents, photographers, editors, art directors, advertising executives, and hair & makeup artists. is not an employment agency and cannot provide you modeling work, but we can help you by connecting you with real industry professionals, including agents, talent scouts, photographers and other models.

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