Question: How does modeling work? Why do I need an agency?

When clients such as Levi's, Guess or Ralph Lauren need models for their advertising campaign, they contact modeling agencies who provide them with potential candidates that match the style of the campaign.

Most models are represented by a modeling agency. And models can even be represented by mutliple agencies in different local markets. For example you may have one agency in New York and a different one in Miami or Paris.

The role of an agent is to get you jobs and help you develop a profile that fits with the advertisers' needs. An agency is like a match-maker, with advertising clients on the one hand, and models on the other hand.'s role is to help you find the right modeling agency and increase your chances of success to get modeling work. We do this by putting all the major modeling agencies at your fingertips and providing you with information about the business and how it works.

Keep in mind being represented by a modeling agency does not mean you are guaranteed to get modeling work. The modeling business is very competitive and can be hard to break into, make sure you read about the requirements before deciding if you want to invest any significant time and money into it.

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