Question: How does help models get discovered? How do agencies use to recruit new talent?

Participating modeling agencies log in through a separate secure Web site that they access with their own password. Through this secure Web site they can browse and search through member portfolios. Our technology makes it easy for model scouts to find models corresponding to a particular profile they are looking for, saving them time and increasing the chances that our members will be seen and discovered by the right agency.

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Modeling agencies browse through our members' portfolios after they select a number of criteria, from the hair color to the gender, height, or location.

A commercial agency based in LA will look for a different profile of models than an editorial agency based in New York.

Our service puts the widest range of established and reputable modeling agencies at the fingertips of our members, and helps match them to the right agencies. Keep in mind being on or represented by a modeling agency does not mean you are guaranteed to get modeling work. The modeling business is very competitive and can be hard to break into, make sure you read about the requirements before deciding if you want to invest any significant time and money into it.

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